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Today, i don’t know what to feel… i’m so tired.. that’s correct! Tired is the perfect word for it. I actually don’t know how i can stand the office’s pressures and all the irritating stuff.

Well, i hate the emotional “something” the office has, it’s like some people there are linked with one another..like an umbilical cord that links two siamese twins or somehting to that effect, i mean everything you do in the office is personal.. i totally hate one of the guys in the office.. if i can just have the guts to shout at him and tell him to back off! I WOULD! But of course, i can’t because i always pose as somebody who is so nice and sweet but really, i would definitely, give that guy one good blow before i leave the fucking office..

i reached the peak of my “burnout-atious” last night when we had to stay so late in the office.. i was there with nothing to do.. I mean, i was just doodling stuff in my notebook, pretending to be doing something in my computer because the Oz won’t let me get out of the office.. =( just like that, she has the power to dictate if you leave the office or not.. AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

What’s worse, i have to hear her babble about things not related to me.. but hey, at least i get to know the buzz about the “people” behind the news..

What’s worse, nobody can pick me up because i was too damned far!



Today, i’m thankful because i won’t see the fucking guy from the office, i don’t need to pretend to be someone im not.. and last, i have peace (even for a short while) Im totally alone in “our” room right now. The other occupants left the house to enjoy! HAH! I’m the one who needs it but i can’t get it!

Im insane.. totally..


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  1. pressured, aren’t we?

  2. hey, now we can totally connect..we have the same problems yada yada! except for the guy…

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