Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

work! the day is about to end and i still can’t believe that was already the long week end! uurrggghhh! Now, i have to see the same people and that shitty guy whom i despise so much!

I’m still not satisfied with the long weekend! GIVE ME MORE!!! I was not able to rest… well, maybe i did if you think having a pedicure at a salon is rest then maybe i did.. =(

I’m not making sense… i know.. i have a lot of things in mind.. i can’t write them because i want them to remain in my mind for a moment before i let them go…


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  1. asteeg, pareho tayo ng template, lola. work is work, dear. haaaaaaaaaay.

  2. sister, that’s a fact of life…you don’t have a choice but to accept it. besides, consolation na na we’re here for you no matter what..smile!

  3. hi rach! seems like everyone is so fed up of their works. well, cool down girl! It’ll be over soon.

  4. wish i could also offer a few words of advice, but as it is, i’m even worse off than you are.. and it’s my fault.. oh well…

  5. keep at bay, we are anchored!! paulie here

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