Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

’tis the end of a weekend (again) but i don’t feel any pressure or burnout.. maybe because, i had a great time with my officemates last saturday. Sad to say, i had a super dooper great time even if that asshole was there! Maybe the “happy feeling” that i had overcomed whatever hatred i felt for that guy… Lemme tell you that’s only for that weekend! BELIEVE ME! or maybe because of this feeling that i have.. I’m officially leaving! =)

I can’t believe it!!! Here i was just last week, seriously considering my boss’ offer to promote me to another position… but i guess God has other plans for me, which is, for me to expand my horizons and not stay in that office.

For once, i don’t feel burnt out or tired or whatever you want to call it. I think i’m flying… I suddenly see myself as a bird, who can now leave the nest and explore the world, what is out there?

Out there? What kind of people will i meet there? Will they like me? Will they welcome me?

I feel a bit lonely… In just a few days, I’ll leave my family and friends – my treasures…But… I will be there with someone i longed for a year. Wanting to hug and kiss him… As they say, we just have to take the risks.

And i feel this is the time for me to enjoy myself… I have this thought that i’m not enjoying my life or myself. When i come home, I feel like i have to transform and be a responsible sister, looking after my brother and my sister, making sure that my mom will have something for dinner and to check if everything in the house is okay, to see if my dad did this and that and to be there for them if they need me… A friend once told me that i’m giving myself too much, that i don’t know how to enjoy life because of all these duties that i have. It’s actually not that of a big deal–but sometimes, you get tired of it.

I know that i shouldn’t complain and whine about all these things… It’s my duty for being the eldest but can’t somebody sometimes do it for me? Will that be too much to ask? Or i’m the problem? Or i’m just overreacting?

Well… maybe now’s the time for me to enjoy, have fun!

———————-What a wonderful feeling———————–

I hope you all share it with me and do pray for me to enjoy my life there. Thanks.


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  1. dude, book ko muna… asa yo yung american gods, right?

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