Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

Today is the 22nd of November…The weather here is cold and clear…. We walked the whole time… Actually, the exercise is worth it because there are a lot of spots to look at though the people here are not that friendly or maybe i’m still not open to the possibilities that i might have a friend who is of a different race… Whatever… The most important part of my trip here is the fact that finally we are now united! Can’t believe it really… After the plane landed, I’m still in a daze… "Am I really here?" I searched the crowd for a familiar face. I immediately saw his… Nothing much changed.. He still has those same beautiful eyes that I look at whenever we talked, he still has the same lips which i kissed a lot (but more often now!)… those little things that makes my heart skip are there… I, again, saw that same glimmer in his eyes.. Finally… This experience is definitely worth the wait.. I hope you saw "the meeting"… it’s true what they say in the movies that the whole world stops when the person you love is now with you… I’ll end this but expect more about the trip and experience I’d be having in this wonderful place? =D 


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