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Dubai — Today, 23 of November, I decided to stroll alone. People here are so busy, actually the situation here is the same as that of the United States. So I decided to be brave for a while and wander the streets of Dubai. I thought, hey! This is great but then, I got lost in going to this internet cafe. I look like a child lost on her way home. Good thing, I already have a mobile phone to use… Kinda scared me at first but if i don’t try doing this over and over, nothing will happen to me, might get stuck in the house forever, which is kinda dull actually…

Actually, the rest here is so relaxing that i might lose interest looking for a job which is why i’m starting now..

Guess that’s it! =)


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  1. hope la ka naman culture shock dyan. meron ba? what’s it like there? – gay

  2. hope you enjoy your stay there, dear!! learn to explore all the possibilities too..hope you and robert are fine. 🙂 keep writing, believe –paulie04

  3. It’s kinda like the time i went to Vigan. Everyone was like speaking in Ilocano, or was it German? Anyway, the place made all the dialect difference worth the trip. I miss you loads girl. 🙂

  4. so am i… i miss you all.. i’d definitely miss the time we’d just text or call each other up and set a date! =)

    i have one request, please let those emails come because they would definitely help ease the sadness i feel.. hehe.. thanks you guys

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