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Dubai – 21st of December, One week since I got this job… filing stuff, taking calls, writing letters, checking grammars–yup, i’m a secretary in one of the prestigious company here in Dubai. Yes, don’t ask me again… I’m not sad that I’m a secretary here.. why should I? I’m earning almost 4 times my salary there in the Philippines.. and the work load is not that much.. we do have tough times here but right now, we’re in a ‘relax’ mood (kinda) … Next topic, Christmas is just 2 days away… but I can’t feel it.. maybe because, they don’t have christmas ornaments hanged, no christmas songs being sang.. nothing. It’s like an ordinary day here… This is also the first Christmas that I won’t be with my family.. sad but that’s the way it goes.

I miss the puto bongbong there in the Philippines.. I tried one here but the taste is not the same.. or maybe because as I have said, the spirit is not felt here.. I miss my friends also.. ALL of them!I wish they’re here with me, enjoying the cool breeze… the sun’s rays and all…. I’d stop being emotional for now because it will just bring my spirits down! =( It’s still christmas with or without the ornaments right? It’s what you feel inside you.. and this will be the first christmas we’re together.. =)


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  1. merry christmas in dubai, rach

  2. so, you’re a friend of hazel…merry christmas gurl! at least you’re earning big bucks while we, your batchmates are quite happy earning that above 10,000 but below 20,000 php monthly. maybe i’ll hit dubai. lol! i’ll try to convince hazel to apply in that country. that is, if i can.

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