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Today, the 11th of January is a slow day for the office… Don’t know why actually… but all of our bosses are out there somewhere… Seems like everybody is not in the mood to work today or they had other businesses to attend to.


Im kinda getting used to this place. The sand (gosh, they do have a lot!), the people (some will give you long and hard stares) and the culture (that still trying)…


Let me describe my workplace for all of you… We’re in a desert area of Dubai that is currently being developed, not only by Union Properties (our company) but also by other construction companies. Our site or project is called the Dubai Autodrome. This is a complete race track/race school for motocross and race cars fanatics. Aside from that, they will also be building villas, an ampitheatre, business park and more — this is like a one-stop place for everybody (grabe sa pr huh!)


I have to official bosses here, Zuhdi and Mahmoud. They are both Jordanian. At first, I thought they’re strict and all that but they are actually funny and wacky (at times).


In a scale of 1-10, comparing my work here and there in the Philippines, I’d love working here because the people here treat you like your in the same position with them not that the superiors there in the Philippines treat us like shit… but you all know what I mean.  

I also got my first salary.. Gawd! If you convert it, I got almost 30 thousand bucks! (whew!) and that is just for half of December…


So far, so good… but I just can’t help it — I miss my family.


Guess that’s it… My current state: SATISFIED (for now) 


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  1. good for you.. i’m glad you’re enjoying your stay there, even if being there means being away from those you love… but HE’s there, right? hehe.. stay happy…

  2. yeah rach stay happy. ei miss you gurl! so many things to say to you. so little time…stay connected

  3. yeah, stay happy! gee, parang jollibee. may jollibee ba jan?

  4. thanks guys… it meant a lot to hear all your support!! =) i am HAPPY but being away from friends and loved ones, makes it harder…

    anyways, always keep me posted k?

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