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05 March 2004 – In an internet cafe, Dubai, UAE It took me almost two months to make another post because you see, work has become more demanding nowadays, remember, we shouldn’t be having any overtimes but now, we do stretch our time a bit because of the workload. The race track of the project is due to finish soon. That’s the reason why everybody is frantic – exchanging correspondences (10-20 letters a day can you believe that??!) However, work is still fun =) Enough about that, i miss home… I miss the time where my friends and I get together.. have lunch here or drink coffee somewhere… i miss the times that vanessa and I would just call each other up and arrange an impromptu movie date. I miss talking to my mom in the morning over breakfast even if I’d be already late for work, my long talks with my dad in the car while waiting for the go-signal. I miss waiting for my brother in the night… I miss my talks with my younger sister even if she doesn’t want to talk to me because she’s busy over the telephone. I can’t help it but miss my lifestyle there… but most of all, i miss writing. I now feel that i should regret what i have left behind, my writing career (eventhough my former boss was such a pain)… i felt that i made a wrong decision coming here careerwise… i have to admit though that the pay here is really good (no joke about that) and the workload is not like that in the Philippines.. Now, I keep on thinking if somebody would still get my services to be a writer… i mean, i don’t have any experiences after my PR stint… no things to brag about when i apply for a position.. I suddenly feel —empty. Because of this feeling, my relationship is affected also. I don’t know but right now, we suddenly have a lot of differences… I don’t know…. Can’t talk much about my relationship but i’m trying my best… I’m depressed… for the time being..


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  1. someone’s reading over here.. hang in there…

  2. anonymous said:

    you worked with joan too? cool. i was with her for close to two years!


  3. ei sis, don’t be too hard on yourself. i’m sure you still have your talent in you. just practice writing, if you want you can send your masterpieces to me through email. I miss you too gurl. I as just hoping you are here.

  4. update more often, find time to at least write anything (blog, journal, walls) so work wont eat you up. ingat ka jan.

  5. thanks you guys.. harienne79, don’t think i know you.. or maybe i do but with the nick… not sure.. could u give me details about u?=)

  6. well, you finally decided to write again. do you know how many times i checked out your blog hoping to read something? write more, man. anything will do.

  7. hey. was with joan too for approx 2 years. i left in december 2000. have we met?

  8. i don’t think we do.. I started working there march ’03 then left nov ’03… seems like a lot of us worked with joan..could i have your contact info? i mean, email?=)

  9. Gurl, just remember that you sacrificed A LOT just to be with your man. Don’t give up just yet — in love and in writing. I miss you gurl!

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