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Another long week for me…

It took me a week before I could finally put my thoughts together about this subject… Let me share it with you… My officemate and I were talking about the Philippines, job opportunities and about getting a college degree. (More background: My officemate is only 21 years old so she plans to get a college degree in the Philippines in the near future but for now, she’s just saving money for her education and future. Also, she spent her whole life here in Dubai. Her family is based here.) I asked her if in case, she was able to continue her studies in the Philippines and get a degree, will she go back here in Dubai and continue working here? She said no. According to her, she will use her course to further develop it… then the table got turned, she asked me, “Eh, ikaw? Bakit ka nandito?” She must have seen something in my face and quickly said, “Syempre, andito si bf.”

I got stuck on that thought until the time my boss buzzed us and I went in his office. While letting him sign some papers, my mind wandered.

I am here because he’s here… I’m here because I wanted to help my family… Being the eldest in the family, I feel that it’s my responsibility to at least give more than half. I’m trying my best but I also sometimes get tired… (Isn’t it Van?!)

Tired? Yes, it’s hard… they expect a lot and I mean A LOT!!! It’s like you can never make a mistake… This is actually what I feel towards my mom… I don’t have any problems with my dad actually… he has always been supportive with me.

Aside from that, the responsibility that I have with my brother and sister… I don’t know if we (eldest) all feel the same way but being here gives me a breather…

But if I think about it, I miss them all… my brother’s so kulit attitude… my sister who’s so talkative over the phone… ewan ko ba?! Can’t get myself also but this is how I feel at the moment because right now, my mom already saw a house for sale but then the price is too high and now, they expect me to pay the down payment, though the decision is not yet final, I can’t do that because I haven’t earn that much…

Oh, by the way, the reasons why I’m here are: one, to help my family and two, give my chance to do what I want and that is to be with him. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone (galing?).

True, I wanted a house for my mom and dad but I always thought it will be a team effort but from the way things are going… I don’t know… I just hope that everything will turn out well…. I hope.

By the way, I’ll show you a picture or a drawing of our project… it is so nice… visit this site: http://www.up.ae


Flashnews!!!! Flashnews!!!!! Flashnews!!!!

===Robert and I are very much okay… I hope you keep praying for us that this will work out ===


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  1. rach, I knnow how you feel. but we can’t do much about it. maybe you could tell your mom that you haven’t got the money yet and you can share. They’re still the parents you know. You’ll help them of course, but you also need your cooperation. hindi iyung iaasa lang lahat sa iyo. Saw your father nga pala when I’m about to got o work. Nagamusta lang saka tinanong kung mag-email ka na sa akin.hehehe!

  2. glad to hear that, stay active online, you’ll feel us somehow. tc ;p

  3. I think it’s not really that they’re expecting too much from you, or maybe they are, but we really have this mentallity that people earn much much more when working abroad, so they just can’t help but expect. I’m glad kayo pa rin ni robert. Miss na kita! 🙂

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