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I can’t believe I am writing another blog.  We have nothing much to do in the office today but file and file… another reason is I don’t feel like standing much and doing stuff today because my eyes are a bit tired and puffy.


Puffy? Yup. Rob and I had a ‘mini-fight’ last night. I know this is a petty thing to discuss and even post but I just want to let it out.


Life here in Dubai is kinda like the life in the States or maybe I’m just imagining. Our day starts like this: I wake up at around 6:45 in the morning. Take a shower, dress up, kiss Rob goodbye and go to work. He wakes up at around 9-10 in the morning. Eats breakfast, takes a shower, dresses up and leaves the house because his shift starts at 1 pm. We just call each other on the phone from time to time to talk, sometimes argue or just to check each other. Around 6:30 in the evening, I come home from work, rest and then do something productive. He finishes his shift at 10 in the evening or sometimes more than that. He arrives home around 11 in the evening or later than that (if he misses the bus – the buses here are similar with the US system, it passes at a certain time only so you better be there before the bus comes). We eat dinner. Chat a little since we are so tired from the day’s work then sleep.


This is our routine everyday. We do have day offs mind you but most of time, it’s either he goes out for a bike ride or we arrange our stuff in our ‘new’ home (we changed flats again because it’s too pricey but we are not alone, we are with his relatives).


Mondays was his boys’ night out with his fellow bikers. At first, it was ok.  I felt like I wanted to be alone for a while and absorb the whole situation, to see its advantage and disadvantage of being together in one roof. A year apart caused a lot of changes for us…   


I don’t want to be coined as a ‘killjoy’ or a ‘party pooper’ so I let him be. Sometimes, he’d come home around 3 or 4 the most would be around 5 am. I waited for him secretly. I don’t want him to know about it.


Last night was the last straw.   He told me that his friends are forcing him to go with them. I told him not to. Rob says he’d try his best.


I waited.


Around 9 pm, I called him up and asked him if he has decided. Rob says he just can’t say no to the guys. He promised that he won’t be long. I was disappointed… I don’t know I just felt like I was not important anymore.


Midnight came and he hasn’t called (obviously because he has no load to call or text me). I called him up. Rob says he was on the way, just saying goodbye to his friends… I hung up before I could say anything I would regret later.


A few minutes, he came. I can’t contain my anger so I burst out saying “Buti dumating ka pa” and went to our room. He apologized. I told him I’m not like this when I was in the Philippines. I even warned him that I might go back to the Philippines if this will be the situation all the time. He apologized. No other words uttered but I’m sorry.


I cried.


His friends feel that I’m acting like this because I suspect that they have girls on the side. I don’t actually. I trust Rob on that aspect. The reason I’m acting like this is because I don’t see him much like when we were in the Philippines.


Back in Manila, Saturday was Rach and Rob’s day. We go around the mall, eat, watch a movie and just loiter around. We don’t need a special occasion to be together. I guess life was different then. I just hope that we could do it again.


I miss what we had then.


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  1. heya… i guess it really is different once you live under one roof… i think that the two of you should sit down and talk about the situation… you’ll never know where these small arguments could lead to…

  2. why dont you go out with friends, too? i hope you have someone on call there so that you won’t have to wait for him that long.

  3. you see i only have a couple of friends… 4 to be exact and i don’t have the liberty to socialize because most of the people here are either working or doing something else and socializing is not much of a hobby here.. so yun.. sad noh?

  4. Well, my husband is an avid fisherman and when Spring hits…watch out! We’ve been married almost 5 years now and the first few I was always laden w/jealousy when it came to all weekend fishing… etc.etc. But somewhere I finally realized that MY time for me was important too. What about taking an “artsy” class, or anything that you’ve always found interesting? I’ve taken Yoga and watercolor classes. I tear my yard up and garden. I drag my girlfriends to the fleamarkets and to lunch and sometimes I lay around in my PJs and read! And I now look forward to him being gone so I can do my various things.
    Now HE’S the one wondering when I WILL be home!
    I love him dearly, and I hate to generalize, but in my experience men really can seem so selfish with out them really realizing that they are being that way!
    OOPS! Sorry, such a long post…but when I read you’re Blog, it was like “yep, been there done that!” hahaha… Good Luck! Jes

  5. rach, i think spellbound is right. it’s really different when you’re leaving under one roof. when you were here, you made it a point to see each oher on saturdays because you need time to be together. Remember: you were still both living with your parents but since your situation is different now. I know you miss him an all, but (wag ka magagalit ha?) don’t resort into blackmail. just talk. and ask him if he could keep your arguments within the two of you . suhol pa kasi iyung mga friends niya eh. hindi nakakatulong (how many times have I said that before?). Good luck sis!

  6. The realities of being a couple are starting to sink in. I pray that you two can pass these petty troubles. 🙂

  7. I think you’re just extra-lonely coz you’re in a very different environment. Before, you’re secured that your family and your friends will be there, and now it’s like you only have him di ba?
    I understand actually. It’s like, if you can have time with your friends, then why can’t he have more time to be with you? Imbes na para sa kanila eh sayo na lang dapat. Oh well, we really could get extra-jealous most of the time. and it’s not just about the girls. 🙂
    Miss you mama rach!

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