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I just read my blog awhile back… and I thank you all for giving me suggestions on how ‘not to stay’ bored and insecure.   It actually helped me a lot and now, I’m starting to do some cross stitching at home and also I’m thinking of doing more productive things in the future (So, keep those suggestions coming). 



Rob and I are finally seeing the light at the end of this maze. As what I have told you, we are still adjusting with our ‘so-called’ lifestyle. I know it’s too premature to say this but we are beginning to understand each other (on my own point of view). I think the reason we got into these ‘mini-fights’ is because we don’t communicate. I gave out our daily routine and you can figure out from there that we don’t talk much. If we do get the chance to talk about something, we always end up fighting.


I have to admit this is a very hard stage for both of us.   I also promised myself not to compare our lifestyle before and what we have now because I know it’s not the same anymore. We’ve changed I know and so is our set up.


I just thought of this. Life isn’t always fair right?   I mean, before, we almost spend most of our spare time together and then when the day ends we have to part ways but now the situation is a bit favorable to us because we live together!!!!! Live together! But no time for us to chat?! Can you believe it?



My past is haunting me…    My two past loves have added me in their Friendster!!! I don’t know if I should be happy about it or not. The other one I accepted, the other one… I’m still thinking about it. You see this other person (which I didn’t add) hurt me a lot before and up to now the scar is still hurting (a bit). He said so many things that hurt me. I guess that’s how guys react when you tell them that you think the relationship is BORING!


The other one was a ‘should have been.’ We thought we’d end up together but I don’t know. His love for his current flame was stronger than his admiration for me. He was one of the guys that I clicked with. We instantly jived but not enough for us to be together.



Can’t wait to go home!!! I might be home this coming November with Rob. I hope everything turns out well… (with my parents and all).. about me and Rob…













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  1. A word of advice….if someone is considered an ex…LEAVE THEM THERE. Don’t look back when those doors have been closed because sometimes it can bring back old feelings and actually do more damage and hurt even worse. That’s only my opinion, but you know in your heart what you should do. Just use you head to guard your heart.

    After two people start living together, it does seem as if they don’t have the same amount of quality time as they did before. It’s important to MAKE that time for the two of you. Designate a time each night for the two of you to talk and just spend time together.

    As far as “hobbies”…write more blogs, write in a real handwritten journal, spend a little time doing special things for the one you’re living with. Bake a cake and write “Just Because”. Send him on a scavenger hunt leaving him clues along the way where you will be waiting on him at the end. Write him a special letter ”just because” and tell him about all the great qualities you see in him and how much you appreciate your time together. Make a special candle light dinner. Be creative…it’s not really hard to come up with things to do. One of my alltime favs…video yourself singing a song to him OR doing a little strip tease for him and then give him the tape to watch while he’s alone. That’s definitely one he’ll appreciate!!!

    I’m assuming this is your boyfriend, haha. If not, void all the above suggestions and stick to cross stitching! 🙂

  2. wow…looks as if i was a little long winded. sorry about the lengthy post!

  3. no prob about the long post. thanks though for the suggestions and advice. I’ll keep that in mind. We did have some talking last night. Not much action but it was a blast! :p

  4. hi rach!

    i’m happy for you. at least one of us is…just when i thought everything is fine, the problems kept pouring in..hay, i should have known better. good luck!

  5. anonymous said:

    hey thanks for the comments on my blog. hope everything gets better for you.

  6. Are you in the Philippines? How is it there?

  7. sorry im not. im here at the land of deserts – dubai… where are you?

  8. Sacramento, California

  9. wow. friendster could really be a gift or a curse. haha. you choose. hope to see you soon. alam mo, nalito ko sa funkeygirl. if it’s you or gay. sorry talaga. hehe.

  10. ok lng exgroupie… hehe… but it’s me not gay… matagal pa.. sana nga matuloy… sana walang maging bulilyaso…

  11. hey… i’m happy for you girl… i just hope nothing else goes wrong! as for other stuff to do… as i’ve told you before… get a make over!!!:)… learn from the best! hahaha

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