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It is the first day of June and from where I am now, I can feel the raindrops falling on the rooftop… The cold breeze of the monsoon wind (right?) touching my face while I look out the window… Getting wet while walking the streets… Lazing on the bed… and getting a big hug from your loved ones… these are some of the things I like during the rainy days.

June…. June…. Just this month, I heard some good news from a college friend. You see, this friend had her first baby when we were in 2nd yr… I was shocked at first but was touched when I was the first one to know her condition.

Now, I am one of the godparents for her lovely child. I remembered, I always go to her house to visit my ‘inaanak’ . Days passed, thesis and other research papers came, jobs come and go, I hardly visit their house anymore but I tried my best to keep in touch with them thru text or thru the phone.

Just a few days back was my friend’s birthday… I got to chat with another college friend and she told me that our friend had another baby – a baby girl. I texted her, greeting her a happy birthday and asked about my godson. She said that my godson will start studying and will be turning 4 this coming June.

Suddenly a thought came to mind… am I ready to have a son/daughter? This idea always plays on mind. I think I am old enough to have one but am I mature enough to have one?

I am so proud with women who continues their pregnancy at a young age or women who bore and support a child alone. It’s a big responsibility…. And I salute them.

Going back why I wanted to have one at the age of 23 is because I want my child and me to have that bonding. You see, my mom and I have this generation gap, the I’m-too-conservative-so-you-should-be-too attitude. We always argue about me falling in love and getting into relationships, she’d always say “Babae ka, maraming mawawala sayo.” Why? Does that mean that men don’t lose something when they fall in love? Does that mean we lose a lot because we end up having the responsibility all by ourselves, just in case the man doesn’t want to take the responsibility?

I think we gain more than the male species.

We give life. With that life, we will gain a friend, a cheer booster, a shopping partner (if it’s a girl) or a date (if it’s a boy).

It’s them who lost it. I don’t know but that is how I see it…


By the way, who said having relationships would lead us to giving life right?? I hate that kind of thinking…


Just a few hours back, Rob asked me if I want a baby now… My answer?



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  1. i think that you really need to know if you are mature enough to have a baby and if both you and rob are ready to have one! but i can say that having a baby is the best that can ever happen to a woman, whether ready or not! take me as an example, wasn’t really ready but no regrets… my babe takes all my troubles away! Think about it!

  2. whoa. good luck, dear.

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