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I just had a conversation with a friend about relationships and marriage. ..


You see,  Rob and I want to get married maybe in two years time or next year if possible…


I wanted to… I think that is the next level for me since we are living together, why not make it legal right? I asked myself and smiled… 


A few seconds, the smile was replaced with fear when a thought came to mind —-MY MOM—–


I remember when I was in my puberty stage, my mom would always tell me that boys are liars and should never be trusted (how come we trust my brother so much and so is my dad??) She said they will only make you cry.


I didn’t mind what she said and went on from one relationship to another (without her knowing it! – I’d be dead by now if she knew anything about it) True enough, I got hurt but most of the time happy.


One day, she asked me if I was having a relationship with someone … (It could be mother’s instincts — why she asked)…  I LIED. I told her I don’t have.


A few years passed, I got up all my courage to tell my parents about my relationship with Rob (it was when we were just starting – imagine this, we’re in our fourth year now going to our fifth next year.


My mom almost fell from her seat while my dad was totally cool about it.  She kept on bugging me with questions like how old is he, where does he work … Finally; she says this, “Bakit ang tanda??? Lolokohin k a lng nyan. Ikaw naman si tanga, magpapaloko ka!”


This is one of the reasons why I don’t like opening up with my mom especially about relationships.  I don’t want to judge her but my mom is not open with this kind of conversation.


Now, I’m planning to tell my mom about it…  Our plans, my plans…  I think I need to do this…. No, I have to.


I know I owe my life to my mom but does that give her the right to choose what’s best for me? To choose who I should love and who I should not?


I love my mom… actually, I love them both….


Now, before you get the misconception, my parents don’t really choose ALL the time — just MOST of the time… but still…


Right now, several scenes are playing inside my head on how I’d introduce Rob…


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  1. hmm, just how old is he if i may ask. i dunno. i go for older men. hehe. and artists.

  2. funkeygal said:

    actually me too… i think they understand me more… you can’t say that i’m looking for a father figure as what people always say when u go for older men, because i have a dad… they talk with sense and i guess, i feel important! =) don’t you think. He’s in his thirties…

  3. as i’ve said… you should tell your parents about it… it would take a big load off your shoulders! but, you should know when the right time is. Good luck… don’t forget to tie up your mom!!! hahaha

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