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I chatted with one of my good friends who happens to be the cousin of my brother’s girlfriend. We (again, why does this topic have to be brought up ALL the time) chatted about marriage.  She said her cousin(my bro’s gf) told my brother that she already wanted to get married. My lil bro said that they will as soon as he graduates!

Can you believe that?! Well, his gf is nice but i don’t think i’m ready to let go of my lil bro… not yet…

It took me about a year or a few months before i could accept he has a girlfriend (she was his first)… haha… suddenly i think i’m acting like my mom!


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  1. ei rach, i think you’re being mean…hehehehe. but i was hoping your bro would be able to help you with the house you’re planning to give to yuor parents you know… 🙂

  2. i hope so van… i sure hope so..

  3. If this is your brothers first girlfriend, then I hope he doesn’t make that jump into marriage without a long engagement.

  4. well, she is my bro’s first girlfriend… they’ve been together for quite some time now… about four years…

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