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April 12, 2000


“I don’t know what will happen but I just want you to know that I like you.”


“I like you too.”


“How do you say I love you in Chinese?”


"Goa Ai Di" 

" Goa Ai Di"








"Hi! Goa Ai Di!" 


“Stop it!”


“Why? I like telling it to you… Can we go out?”





It was a bright sunny day. People were running to get away from the heat of the sun. I walked to his direction, he was wearing a light brown slacks and a two toned shirt. He looks sexier without a cap, I thought. He looks so conscious… (It could be his attire — he said he wanted to have a ‘thrown-in’ look) Our eyes met, he suddenly felt relaxed.


He waved an FX taxi and we rode at the back. I immediately slipped my arm to his. He looked at me. I smiled. He, again, relaxed.


We were quiet the whole time.


We reached our destination. He held my hand and squeezed it. I looked at him. He smiled. It was one of his features that I like so much! We went to an ice cream parlor at the Shang. We chatted. Laughed at some crazy stories …. Then … I held his hand and squeezed it. He jumped.


“Maybe you need to go home. I’ll take you home now.”


“Now, there’s more time to spend. Why don’t we watch a movie?”


We headed to the movie house. In that dark space, he hugged and kissed me.



That was four years ago. Yesterday, we just celebrated four years and three months of being together.



Whenever we celebrate our ‘monthsary’, I’m always surprised because with my past relationships, they never last. It always end up that I see something in them that I don’t like and immediately break off… Rob is different. He’s not perfect. I also see a few ‘eekss’ and ‘yuck’ but not enough to end the relationship.



I hope the love story doesn’t end… =)


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  1. That was a cool story. Did this guy start off as just a friend and then you guys got together?

  2. aawwww! i’ve heard this story before…i remember the time he told me that i should ask you about relatiionships..hehhehe!

  3. sort of… you could consider that because i was at first trying my best to make him buy one of my bargains when i was still working with him.

  4. nice entry gurl! =) anyway, pls be informed that i’ve met na your coach before and frankly, she’s sort of snobbish. sorry about that. also, ditas said hi. she wanted to have your e-mail addy. would that be okay?

  5. funkeygal said:

    sure that’s no problem… it’s funkeyguhl@yahoo.com… tell her i said hi and also to shineth and dada… they’re my batchmates there!

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