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I’m in shocked. I was surfing my emails when one mail caught my attention, New friendster message from (S—–). I had to check twice if it was his name.


A few entries back, I mentioned that an old love tried adding me to his friendster list. I ignored his request. I don’t think I’m ready to be friends with him again. Well, it was I who initiated the ‘conflict’ but he doesn’t have the right to hurt me that way or does he?


S (Sorry techie, had to borrow your format in keeping names, I don’t want trouble that’s why) was a friend of a friend. We never thought we’d hit it off because he was a sea farer… S pursued me and eventually the feelings became mutual. He was nice, a gentleman I could say. He always pampers me – treats me to fancy restaurants, gives me flowers and chocolates, gives stuff toys – the typical boyfriend.


I was excited about him… We talk over the phone until dawn. As I have said, I believe that communicating with your partner is one of the reasons why a relationship lasts.


I even got the courage to tell my mom that this guy, S, was courting me.


On our fourth month, out of the blue while he was babbling about his trips and his family… I thought out loud “I’m beginning to be bored with this relationship.”


I think it was about three o’ clock in the morning… Silence… Dead Air…. I wanted to take back what I said but then I thought, hey that was the truth. He suddenly bored me….  Why? I don’t know…


It was dead air for about 30 minutes… Then we said our goodbyes.


I still thought it was not a nice way to break up… 


Because of the guilt feeling I had, I tried calling him up almost everyday… but he rejected my calls… I knew it hurt him. I could also feel the hurt from his sister’s voice… whenever I called and looked for him.


Almost a month past, he called me up. I was relieved…. Then he said his piece…


“We have to end this. I guess, you just have to find someone who is richer than me.”  Then he hung up. Richer? RICHER? Does being bored with the relationship concerns money??


I had a hard time letting go what he said… Damn! Richer? F**ck!


That was almost five years ago…


Now, I am still staring at his friendster message… finally reading what I wanted to hear for a long time.


meron lng akong sasabihin sayo.. eee… =) i just have to tel you this… na maatagal ko ng gustong sabihin sayo.. im sorry sa lahat ng nagawa ko sayo.. na nasaktan kita b4 or basta.. lam mo na yun.. sorry 
po.. sa lahat.. pero i hope you’ve felt na minahal nmn kita ng totoo.. pero sumobra ata.. kasi kaw una kong g.f. nd ko nasabi sayo yun… 
basta im sorry.. im not expecting a friendship from you or whatever.. pero.. i can be a friend to help or hear you laugh wenever u need me..


Now, we have  a closure… after long five years…


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  1. Closure makes everything much easier. Even if its 5 years down the road.

  2. true darryl… it did take some time but at least now, i know it ends here.

  3. ooohhh, that was something. chinika mo ba sa akin yan? harharhar! (borrowed from phoebe!) 🙂

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