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While boringly surfing the net, my officemate had the chance to go through the tarot reading webpage.


Immediately, I asked her to do a love calculator for Rob and me. This is what we got:


Aries and Virgo


Your spontaneous and childlike ways can be critically and harshly judged by the analytical Virgo. Virgo is drawn toward service and hard work, and makes a wonderful host or hostess. They are usually first to tidy up after a party, school function, or holiday gathering. You, on the other hand, may on occasion forget the golden rule of service, preferring the gaiety of social pleasure and the personal gratification of the moment.

Good humor is a key that can unlock the potential success between such different styles — your impulsiveness and Virgo’s compulsiveness. Virgos can have tremendous wit and you Aries really know how to laugh at yourself. If your Moon is in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), your chances for long-term compatibility are increased, since your styles may not be as different as described.

If you can each manage to respect your natural differences and make adjustments to your lifestyle, you can create a long-lasting team with your Virgo partner. Your open and cheerful ways can keep your Virgo happy, while they bring a level of mental clarity into your life that can really help you along on your path.


Almost half my relationship with Rob kinda evolved with my friend who can see foresee the future.  I always ask her if we would be like this like that, if we would fight on this day or not and more.


My friend told me not to be totally dependent on her foresights because I still live my own life. For some odd reason, I still live my life according to what she says and sees and it comes true!!!


Almost every decision I make, I call her up and ask if it was according to my stars or if she sees me doing it, until the time I got her in Dubai, I still call or text her.


I know this is not good.


I try my best not to call her or text her anymore…. Because there came a point where I was addicted into asking her almost everything about my life… that one day, it was like I was her puppet and she’s my master.


Can’t blame her though because it was my fault.


Now, I try to live it by my rules and with God’s grace.








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  1. good luck talaga, girl.

  2. thanks drea.. (“,)

  3. hmm interesting, i always partly thought it was more that the horoscope (or whatever other prediction) leads actions rather then predicts them
    good luck

  4. oh my, i can’t imagine that a certain person can be addicted towards horoscopes. quite disturbing if you ask me. have faith gurl and of course, just bow down and surrender to Him because i’m pretty sure that everything if not all would be alright. btw, i get to meet your infamous coach na. really, i’m kinda afraid to her pa nga. is she a snob? i don’t think she even knows how to smile.

  5. I have a friend who goes to fortune telling almost every 1 or 2 months and she relies each and every thing she does from the reading. it’s creepy.

  6. ei gurl, kindly update. fast. tnx!

  7. nice blog..:)

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