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I’m kinda bored and pissed. Let’s start with why I’m pissed. I started my morning okay. Kissed Rob and went off to work. As soon as I arrive here, my office boy (yes, I have one!) looked at my shoulder — there it was a sort-of big hole on my shoulder!!! To my horror, I ran to the bathroom and took a good look. My fault actually, because before, I already used this blouse and it has ‘the hole’ however, I didn’t mind it because I knew it won’t get big – but it DID!


Shortly, after I got out of the toilet, another office guy from another company came and submitted some letters to me and…. He also NOTICED! I just lamely told him that ‘the hole’ was because I got stuck in the elevator and I was rushing so there was no time for me to change clothes. He accepted the reason but was still snickering along with my office boy… Gawd! How could this happen???  


Every time somebody comes in or greets me or whatever, I immediately show or move to my other shoulder so that they will not see ‘the hole.” However, I wasn’t always successful with it because one of the bosses here borrowed my boss’ car and he smiled at me but his eyes shifted to my shoulder but he didn’t made any comments — definitely I felt his eyes on my shoulder (or was I just imagining)


Boring? Nothing to do. My other computer (I’m using two computers…) crashed – the other database included (the one we’re using to log in shop drawings, requests for information and minutes of meeting).


I called up the technician and asked for assistance. While waiting for the computer to show the “Windows XP Professional”, I asked him, what is the reason why computers crash, he answers me “It’s like asking me why people die?”


I’m not that knowledgeable with computers and this is the first time I experienced a semi-crash (the computer worked again for some odd reason and the technician said it doesn’t happen much) and it ticked me — so this is how a techie person feels when his/her favorite computer crashes (not saying this is my fave computer… but this is what I have been using for sometime now.. so I feel attached to it! )


The guy who can fix this will be coming today – he said. I hope so because work is beginning to pile up… damn!


Those are my two moods for now… mmm… doing nothing can really make you hungry (I joined the club people – calling on ex_groupie – I’m trying to lose weight by drinking tea… tea is actually good here)… I’ll eat my lunch now.


– this was actually a post I made last Wednesday but due to some computer technicalities, it wasn’t posted… I was thinking not to post it but what the heck! Hehe…


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  1. oh tea, goodie. i still have a bottle of kankura at home. cant take it daily, its a very strong laxative and rushing in the toilet first thing in the morning isnt exactly fun. but good luck, man.
    and oh, how bout putting tape on your hole? on the reverse side?
    man, that sounded lewd. haha.

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