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It’s strike two for me this week.  


Yesterday, I was so busy making letters and sending them out, answering phone calls and taking down their messages, and assisting visitors to their respective rooms for meeting or whatever.


After doing all that, I took a break when my phone rang. It was a friend asking for some financial aid. I listened to her but then a common friend said that she doesn’t have a good history of paying back her debts so I was kinda hesitant to lend her some money.


Ok, I told her I’ll try to think about it. I immediately called up a friend but an incoming call came in so I hung up. After the business call, I phoned my friend again but then the boss came with raging eyes and said, “I’m calling you” and waved his hand because he found what he was yelling for – our office boy.


I felt small, like a nine-year-old being yelled at by her mother. Good thing nobody was there to witness it. Then I reasoned to myself, he should have approached me and told me that his guests wanted water or something and not yell.


Yelling is not good or is he allowed to do that to me because he’s my superior?




Today, I got a good yell and some of those raging eyes too when I didn’t fax something to our head office for someone.  


This I know is my fault. I should have faxed it… I forgot about it. I’m just human.




After a few minutes, we are in good terms again. I’m just glad that people here don’t dwell much on the topic or the wrong thing done as long as you can fix it. My superior said he dislike the “HATE” word.  I just hope that tomorrow, I won’t get the same treatment.




I want a vacation.



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  1. hopefully your boss will come to his senses and treat you like a human being – one who is allowed to make mistakes.

  2. Things like that happen. Don’t fret about it.
    A person who yells too much is just very insecure of his authority.

  3. lynda me.

    kaya mo yan…`yun lang…(ang cute ko, grabe!)

  4. oh my. it just reminds me of my former boss. that’s why i’ve quit without giving them a resignation letter. what for? baka ano lang masabi ko! eventhough i used to be with that pretty good company, no amount of money can by self respect. sigh. i don’t feel bitter anymore but i’m not sure what will be my reaction when i see her at starbucks again. the last time i saw her, i ran out in a flash. good thing that she didn’t see me. maybe the planet would stop and gma would step down.

  5. funkeygal said:

    wow! kitsch, she really scared you… actually, i’m not bothered of my bosses here. they’re nice, likes to joke around but when they’re not in the mood…they’re not in the mood. =)

    Thanks for all the sweet words people..

  6. thats ok. we are screamed at pretty much often here. hehe.

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