Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I’m taking a few minutes break — now what does that mean?

A break from endless phonecalls, a long line of letters to be printed, signed and sent to the people concerned and from running to and fro because people need these and that.

I’m feeling sentimental again about why I’m here and all that I’ve been telling you all ever since I came here. I’m bad but I envy people. Yes, I do.

I envy techie for her summer escapades and all that cute stuff she’s doing for her job. I envy a friend of mine because she is very contented with her family life. I envy my friend who was once my apprentice because she is going to be interviewed by one of the companies I was dying to work with when I was in the Philippines. I envy girls who has great curves.

I feel like I’ve never accomplished anything at all. I feel like I’m a loser on all aspects.

This blog is killing me. Maybe I’m just tired.

Well, here’s another paper waiting to be typed and printed out for proofreading. I’m going back to work…



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  1. hmm… with your bubbly personality, i still think that you’re better working here in parlance. btw, your coach said “hi!”. =) can’t believe it? well, she did. she’s not that bad though…. guess i’m just a natural born charming gal here. he he he. ;P

  2. funkeygal said:

    maybe… if she was not my coach… maybe i stayed there for a year…

    she said “HI?” Gawd!!! hehe… sometimes she’s nice sometimes she’s not… she thinks people need to move according to her moods!!!


  3. helo, maybe you’re just tired that’s why you’re thinking all these stuff…it’s okay we are all in our best forms in our respective fields…why is it that i saw this post only today? eh i always check naman the links…nyway, ciao

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