Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I can’t believe the blog I’ve been writing for the past few days… I look desperate!!! Well, I’m sorry for that outburst…


I’m not jealous or envious of those people I’ve mentioned… Actually, I’m happy for them for all the achievements they got… They deserve it…. We deserve what we have…


Sorry guys… Techie…sorry friend…


I shouldn’t be insecure about me and my work ( I know I’ve been telling this to myself for sometime).







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  1. I myself also envy a lot of people. I envy techie, too because of her exciting lifestyle. I envy haze because, basically, she’s just “playing” at work. I envy you because it has always been my dream to go abroad. And I envy all of my classmates. I always think they’re better than me.
    But the point is we all lead different lives. You’re young. You’ve got decades ahead of you. You can make your life as exciting as you’d want to.

  2. sis, hhow are you there? are you affected by the angeo de la cruz crisis? do take care dearie, may movie date pa tau..misyu!

  3. This is the one place where it is totally ok to look desperate. Don’t worry about it!

  4. maybe you felt that way coz you’ve been alone for some time… i think it’s ok to think that way sometimes… it helps you bring out the best in yourself. on they other hand, it could be unhealthy… you would seem like a very selfish person! mjces is right… we lead different lives, so might as well make the most out of it. remember, things happen for a reason!

  5. right spellbound! =) things happen for a reason or a purpose. i know that you’re going to be happy sooner than expected. me nga, i’m as old as you but look where i am right now? i’m working in parlance! naman! yun lang.

  6. funkeygal said:

    well, all of you are right. We do lead different lives and paths… we just need to make use of that path…

    df, thanks for those kind words.. blogging brings out the angst i feel.. good thing there’s this kind of online journal…or else i might took it out on rob… =p

  7. ei rach, update pls. =) kinda busy ba there?

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