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A start of a new week here in Dubai… I hope it will be a good one.


Last week was kinda terrible for me and you all know that terrible means having a word war with Rob. Yup. We had one.


It started last Tuesday… It was about 10:30 in the evening… Dinner was ready and my flat mate and I were just amusing ourselves by watching TV. I was already hungry but decided to wait for Rob to come home so we could eat dinner together since that’s the only meal we get to see each other. 11:00 came and no Rob so I tried ringing his mobile but no answer.


After a few minutes, he SMS me and said that he was on his way together with his cousin. That was okay. I ate dinner along with my flat mate and retired to bed. I decided to read for a while to wait for him. 12:00, I again called him up but still no answer… a few minutes, he SMS me again — “Sleep now, I’ll just tell it to you later. I Love you.”


From that, I decided to sleep because I knew that they’re in a bar…


A few hours past, he came and hugged me and apologized. He explained the whole situation.


My cousin picked me up from the shop along with another friend. We reached the area where we were close to the bar we frequented on, my cousin, G, asked me and my friend if they could drop by for a few drinks. Of course, I was caught off-guard and he said that it’ll only be for a few drinks, I said it’s ok.


We ordered a pitcher of beer. I saw your call but then my friend, K grabbed my mobile and didn’t want me to answer the call so I just sent an SMS to you. We were about to go when K saw a friend of his and gave us another round of beer and a plateful of clamares. Who am I to say no? We accepted and say thanks. I wanted to go home already so what I did was to gulp as many glasses of beer as I could just to finish the pitcher. You called me up again. K again took my mobile from me and said — “You’re not yet legal yet she acts like that.” —That’s the story. I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you the whole thing earlier.


I got mad. First, because he lied to me and second because he didn’t defend me (regarding K’s comment)…


Wednesday came. He was still apologizing… He even messaged me asking me if explaining the whole situation was not enough for me to forgive him… Of course, I know, I’d forgive him but it’s not easy. About lying to me… I can take it but not defending me from his friend, that’s something else isn’t it?


We went to this party… I thought my other flat mates were not going, so I made a plan so I need not go. However, I failed because they, too, wanted to go. So, I came along with them but totally ignored Rob and the rest of the bikers.


During the dinner, they noticed that we’re not talking and also asking if I was mad with Rob. I didn’t bother answering them. I’m just too pissed to even care. After a few minutes, K came. I, too, ignored him – the whole night. Both of them.


I was hurt. I felt like I was misjudged.  


Thursday came. I decided to speak with Rob because I don’t want the fight to prolong. He said, I embarrassed him in front of his friends. We should have acted like everything was ok he said.  I told him, I didn’t like the idea because if that was the case then we might never distinguish what is real and what is not (in case we have several fights like this). He said I always make small problems a BIG issue. I told him, Is misjudging me a small issue to you?! What if he was saying all those behind my back? He’ll just let it be? Rob kept quiet. Maybe I made a point.


He said for him fighting means that we don’t have love for each other anymore. I told him not every relationship ends as perfect.


We’ve talked about the fight and slept on it. I’m still not comfortable with K… I realized now that he’s a total jerk and maybe a loser. My flat mate and I wonder if he’s a bisexual. I don’t know but Rob is kinda pissed with him too because according to Rob, K always asked silly and embarrassing questions… not only that, he asks it in front of everybody. Rob told me last night that K might be jealous of me. Why? I have every right to be with Rob.






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  1. asus, ang selosa ng ate ko, hehe, of course you have all the right about your man, just don’t mind k, maybe he’s one soul that needs a friend that will understand who and what he is, (magpaka-priestess ba, magmamadre na nga yata ako) ciao…

  2. Yeah, you had every right to get mad.

  3. selosa ang lola. hehe. eto lang to quote a cheesy soap way back in the ’90s–“may selos bang nasa lugar?” hehe.

  4. mlcc is Lynda. 🙂

  5. funkeygal said:

    thanks for being on my side!! :p

    your definitely right, andrea!hehe

    We’re ok for now…

  6. Hay naku sis, ganyan talaga, mag-ingat na lang sa mga naiinggit, baka kasi kung ano ang gawiun niyan..mishu!

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