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It has been four days since one of our superiors left for his vacation (yay!). Work was kinda light not in the sense that we don’t have anything to do but it was tolerable because our other Boss does not make us wait in his room while he reading the letters or signing stuff for distribution.


Yes! We’re kinda pissed with the other one because he always pressure us and make us cram certain letters or tasks that in the end doesn’t need to be done for that day – at all! We sometimes feel he’s power tripping but that is of course, a personal opinion only.


Now, we sigh with relief as we do our day-to-day tasks. Everything is a-ok. No shouting (“Where are you?”) and no pressure (“This us URGENT! So, PUHLEEZZZ do it NOW!). I could conclude that though work is more fun!


Just want to post this one… to share how light we feel nowadays… sadly, this happiness will only be for 15 days…  


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  1. i agree with you 200%!!!

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