Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

A lot of things have been occupying my mind lately… Let me list it down one by one:


  1. My job – I think our project is coming to an end. So that means, I would be relocated to another place with no friends and no enemies (hehe). However, it is still tentative because we might extend here (you’ll never know).

  1. My vacation – I’m due for vacation on October but with the so-so issue about the project being done it’s still on hold (but geez, I hope I could go even for a vacation… I miss my family and all the stuff I do back home).

  1. My relationship – It’s also in see-saw mood… Sometimes Rob and I fight, sometimes not. It’s hard to predict when the fight will start. I just hope we don’t go on like this or else, we’ll easily get tired of this relationship. I know both of us are trying very hard not to be on each other’s nerves… however, sometimes can’t be left just like that. He has this attitude of hating lengthy discussions and another is he hates explaining his feelings and finds a hard time to let go of his angst.  

  1. My family – My mom and dad are kinda on the rocks now. I actually don’t know how to answer all these questions I have inside my head like how it happen and why so that is one of the main reasons why I want to go home to find out for myself. Of course, calling both of them can help but being there personally will bring more answers.

  1. Our prospective business – My cousin and I plans to put up a business in the Philippines. We already have something in mind but then I’m still looking for something else, just in case the prospect we have will not push through.

  1. My current state – I’m kinda confused. I want to stay here because the compensation I get here is far from what I’ll get if I stay in my homeland but I’m not exhausting my craft which is writing … I don’t know… I always have this dilemma in me, what should I follow? The call for higher wage or practicing my craft. Before you think of something else like if I’m a good writer or what? I’m not but I want to be one. Not the type that people worship like F.Sionil Jose or Jessica Zafra but something like being able to reach people through writing. Sometimes, I believe I’m getting good at it but these are all self-study. I’m not even sure if the grammar I’m using is the proper one or not.

I guess these are the top priorities in my life right now (not in proper order though).


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  1. You are analytical about the things occupying your mind. Categorized. I really think that this helps to deal with the variety of pressures we feel.

  2. well, i know that you’ve had some things in your mind lately and i’m grateful that you share them with me! i, on they other hand, try to help you out with advises as much as i can, although i know that i will not come close to your old friends 🙂 so, just hang on there and i know you’ll get through it! love you, girl!

  3. Life isn’t easy.

    Just do whatever makes you happy.

    God bless. 🙂

  4. Spongebob on my screen as my mouse cursor pretty much freaked me out the first time I saw it.

    Thought it was spyware. Blergh.

  5. good luck dear. i wanna spongebob. wanna spongebob. spongebob!

  6. it’s not spyware haze.. since workload was kinda light the past few days, my office mate and i tried to do some experiment with my blog… =)

    andrea: yeah, spongebob is my fave comic character =)

    spellbound: thanks! i treasure this friendship even if its just virtual. thanks again

  7. Try not to spend a lot of time analyzing each and every detail of your life. Just grab life by the horns and run for it! Make the best of each situation and don’t be bothered by the the things you can’t change. (your parents) You seem to have great potiential…make the best of it! 🙂

  8. Trust me; even if you could find out what went wrong in your parents’ relationship, it wouldn’t help. Let them solve their problems while you work on yours, but give them lots of hugs 🙂

  9. ouch! i’m sorry to hear about what’s happening to you right now gurl! =( i hope that by the time that i’m writing this down, you’re okay na. it’s been ages. dami palang nangyayari sa iyo ngayon…… just hold on to your faith. you’ll survive. i know that prayers can still move mountains eventhough i’m still thinking if i’m a christian or not. when you come here in manila, kitakits tayo. wish ko lang matuloy! kay techie nga pending pa eh…. =)

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