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Start of the week.


For weeks, I have been planning to write a blog but nothing comes up until now…


Just last Thursday, I got this terrible sore throat… I thought at first I could manage but when I began answering calls, it became worse! My bosses told me to take the day off and so did my “fashionista” officemate.


Our service driver brought me home. Walking to the elevator and pressing “4” was an agony. My head was spinning… Finally, I reached our floor…


I opened our door and went straight to our room. Rob was waiting for me. Worried.



He was sweet the whole time.   He cooked for me and made me a cup of coffee… He even bought me a bunch of oranges from a nearby convenience store to make me feel a bit better.


I felt pampered. After eating about two oranges and drinking my medicine. We lay down in bed. He was stroking my hair till I fell asleep.   I didn’t notice the time but he was pulling away from my hug…he has to go to work… I asked him to stay… He said ok… for five more minutes…



After five minutes, I was all alone in our room. My flatmate came by and took my temperature. According to her, I was having chills then that is why she asked me to put on a jacket and also asked me to drink my medicine. I suddenly missed my mom.


Back in the Philippines whenever we’re sick (my siblings and I) my mom would always sleep beside us, take our temperature and wake us up to drink medicine.


In the morning, she would prepare breakfast and wake us up or at times, if we’re really, really sick, she would bring our breakfast and help us eat it.



Around 8:30 in the evening, Rob called me up asking his patient what she wants for dinner… I said — CHINESE CHOPSUEY STIR-FRIED NOODLES —- he said, ok.


9:30 in the evening, my doctor came with my remedy, a kiss, bunch of hugs and my Chinese Chopsuey Stir-Fried Noodles!


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  1. awwww…. how sweet! =) i hope that you’re okay by now gurl.

    anyway, krisel said hi. talaga! swear! she took my sup call pa nga 2 days ago eh.

    ang charming ko. she can’t say no to me he he he. ;P

  2. ang sweet naman ninyo…hay…sana ako rin, ehehehe

  3. anonymous said:


    ako si geng. as in gengki the newbie from ex_groupie. can i add you up as one of my links? I have this thing of adding people who comment on my blogs.

  4. homesick ang lola ko.

  5. sinabi mo pa drea… sana nga payagan na ako makauwi… wala lng konting pahinga… atsaka ang moment of truth ko… lam mo na… the robert-mom meeting.. :p

  6. taga-uste ako. friend ko si paulie. sige. link mo na din ako kung type mo.

  7. anonymous said:

    hi rach, alexa here. im sorry i don’t know how to reach you but through here. mejo banned kasi ang freindster dito sa office. and i can’t send a friendster message to mj. do you have his email add? kailangan ko sya sermonan. as in. urgent lang. naliligaw ata ng landas ang batang yon. kukutusan ko sya pag nakita ko sya.

  8. I love the mouse. How did you do that?

  9. At least you got something good out of getting sick, what with all that loving and caring. 🙂

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