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I didn’t think I’d start blogging about my office (again – for the nth time). I was busy writing down something and at the same time conversing with my office mate when this hideous looking guy came in front of us and started talking.


My office mate and this guy have the same vernacular language so they converse easily. As for me, I was only getting bits and pieces in the conversation because I do understand a bit.


They were continuously talking and suddenly he looked at me and said that I looked ‘BADUY.’ — What the f**k?!


I am not the kind of person who doesn’t know that multi-colored patterns can’t be paired with floral pants. I’m not the kind that doesn’t have any fashion sense, I dress conservatively but for someone to call me ‘BADUY’ ??!!! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?


I know people notice that I wear jeans and baby tees a lot because that’s what I’m comfortable in… I’m the type of girl who sees comfort first rather than being in the ‘uso’.


Until now, I’m still irritated with this guy but I guess everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion so let me give out mine for this guy — Well, as I can see, he’s a pervert who likes seeing big boobies in front of him. He always want to eat a lot that’s why he’s so bloated he looks like a toad… this suits him because he has this terrible scar surrounding his body. MM… What else? He has a voice of a croaking toad (I really feel he was a toad from his previous life) and his body aside from the scar he slumps his shoulders as if he was crying something (maybe like a tortoise).


This is bad but who cares? I need to let it out…geez!



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  1. don’t feel bad sweetie… i’m sure that guy has nothing better to do. people like that are hopeless and manhid! besides, you know better that his opinions don’t count, so cheer up!

  2. and maybe his balls are the size of a pea.

    tell him to go get diced carrots and corn meron na siyang side dish on his own.

  3. ei sis, your so pissed. take it easy. murahin mo in Chinese. Tingnan ko lng. hehehe! 😛

  4. lol! yup. do that nga. it’s ranting time here. bad dude. i wonder if he stinks.

  5. haha.. thanks to all of you… well… we’re in the ‘we are not talking unless needed’ mode.. don’t worry about me.. i just need to let it out! =)

  6. “baduy” is so 80s. haha. tell him the now term is chaka. and he is chaka.

  7. hmmmm… bad yun ah!

  8. oist! update dali!!! =)

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