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Finally, I am now here in the Philippines!!!!

Smelling the pollution, hearing the roaring sound of the trikes passing by our house and the endless beeping of car horns whic you will never experience in Dubai..I arrived about 10 minutes early than the time estimated… Nothing much has changed from the time I left the Philippines.. Still the same traffic, same route except for the LRT 2 which is fully operational… I guess everything’s the same..

The trip was tiring… I was sitting in the middle part of the airplane!!! I told the guy from the counter that I wanted to be seated by the window!!! (Grr!) Oh well.. at least the people I was sitting with where accomodating…

I was half excited and half sad… you see I travelled without Rob.. They are still fixing his papers and he said that it will be better if I go on with the trip rather than be left behind feeling miserable… so I did…

Oh well… I guess that’s it for now…


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  1. hey! are you back for good or just on vacation? welcome back! =)

  2. oist! that’s nice gurl! =) welcome home.

  3. Welcome back, Rach. I hope you don’t get disappointed with what you see here. 🙂

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