Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

whew!! after a long time.. i can now post my blog…

well, i’m back from vacation… it was tiring but great!! i got the chance to spend my month-long vacation with my cousin and we enjoyed every minute of it. =)

Although, i did have a grand time,i have neglected a couple of people… friends from college (only met some of them…*guilt*), my former officemates at Orendain (promised to have an outing with them *more guilt*) and also my highschool friends (*guilt* *guilt*)..

I wanted to see them all but then time was too short… if only i was able to extend it for about two weeks more…

Now, i’m punishing myself with work however, i do get rewards specially with Rob’s hugs and kisses..

Oh! One of the things i didn’t like about my vacation was the fact that Rob was not with me for one whole month… Yeah, it pissed me off because his company was not able to process his papers –ASAP— end result: He stayed here in Dubai… BAD!!! All our plans?zilch! none of them happened…

Another, i saw my dad. At first, i didn’t recognize him.. He was so… thin… I always cry whenever i get to see him… I feel bad about the whole thing… I told myself that maybe it was me.. my fault why he ended like that.. i was thinking that maybe if i didn’t leave the country it will not end up like this..

He’s renting an apartment now.. same rent we’re paying but his place is smaller with nothing in it except his clothes… nothing means no stove, no fridge (well,before i came back he bought himself one), no food!!!!!

I am still at awe with what happened.. I was trying to make him come back but i felt my mom didn’t want to… she says she’s more at ease.. nothing to worry…

Up to know, i’m hurting… my friends told me and so did my cousin that maybe my mom and dad need to have this ‘break’ to know themselves more and to feel, in time, that they need each other more than anything in this world.

Rob was behind me all the way and i am really very thankful for him.. really..



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