Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I’m here stuck in this room for almost 2 weeks now.


Before I forget, I shifted offices. Yes, the Office Manager at the site told me that I needed to transfer. Sad, cause I left a few memories and good friends there. Now, to this new office, they treat me well. Actually, the very first I set foot on this project; everybody was so warm and happy to see me.


I thought everyone would be easy to work with. I spoke to soon. I have these two “inspecting” lords with me. At first, they were okay but mind you, about 5 days since I was here. They were really bossy and super lazy. Can you believe that they have to call me from my office just to pass one paper to the other as if they were a million miles away sitting from each other when they’re just beside each other.


I know my job description but does being a secretary does all those? I mean isn’t that what we Filipinos call “Gawaing- tamad?”


Up to this time, they are to be the bosses of this cabin. Another funny yet irritating thing is that they will give me a miscall on my mobile if they need me. The mistake I did was to give my number to them. Grrr!!!!


The only thing that keeps me from getting me mad from these people are my friends… telling me not to give in with my anger and still maintain my composure.


I’m bored!! BORED!!!


I hope work starts next week.


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  1. rach! sayang hindi tayo nagkita!

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