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Listening to: Hoobastank – The Reason

Mood: Miserable/ Lonely


I’m still adjusting to this office. People say that it takes about three months before you get the hang of it. Yeah right and in another three months, this project will be finished.


Actually, there is not much reason to complain… Well, there is a couple like these lazy and fucked up inspectors who walks around the site barefoot!!!! Yesterday, Annoying Inspector came by my office to use the phone, (background: of all the phones here on site, my phone and the Resident Engineer’s are the only ones working. Of course, they dare not use the R.E.’s phone so they harass my phone instead) I said ok. I stood up to go to the toilet when I noticed he was barefoot and was freely wiggling his toes on the floor. EEEEWWWWWW!!!!


Those people are so icky! As for my boss, he’s nice and actually very soft spoken or maybe I haven’t seen much…(till my next post!)


Or maybe the reason why I feel miserable and lonely is because I miss my old office. Yes, even if my friend/officemate, Jolly J and I would often complain about being overworked, always on the go, left with only 2 minutes lunch break (ok, I’m exaggerating) and endless ‘call me this, call me that’ – it was fun…


Or maybe I just miss having someone to talk to… well, they (my friends) or I still call them from time to time but then it is still different if you can see them laugh because of your jokes or see their expression on the news you’ve brought them. Jolly J and I chat about almost everything and anything! It can be silly, serious, sappy, etc.


Now, I feel like I’m in a silent movie, laughing quietly while I read Jolly J’s rants over people who doesn’t know how to use the printer or silently raging with fury when these a-hole inspectors bosses me around.


I remember my grade school days wherein you say goodbye to classmates because next year they will not be your classmates but you will stay in the same building. Weird. I know. But you see, even if Dubai is small, the possibilities are slim for a get-together, not that I’m doubting our (Jolly J and I) urge to see each other but because of time and distance constraints… it might be impossible.


I guess when you’ve really experience some ‘firsts’ you get sentimental about it. Maybe this is what I’m feeling at the moment. Miserable, lonely and sentimental.



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  1. anonymous said:

    well… i’m sure Jolly J feels the same way you do… i’m sure she misses your time together as well!!! hang in there! don’t let those creeps get to you! hehehe….

  2. how did you do the spongebob squarepants mouse pointer?

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