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From Rach’s dictionary:


Blog-niversary – this is the time of the year where bloggers celebrate their liberty in ranting and raving their thoughts online and allowing other people to freely comment on thoughts, it maybe about grammar, scenarios, or anything. Also, this is to celebrate the friends you’ve gained virtually.


I keep on reading your blogs offline which means I cut-paste, cut-paste, cut-paste, & cut-paste…I noticed that your all talking about your blog-niversary… mmm… inspired by your blogs, I decided to make one for myself but then it’s sooooo late because my blog-niversary was last November but since I was not able to have my computer (bad!bad!),then I had to shift office (*sniff*sniff*), then I have to really, really rant about these people who thinks they rule the world (damn them!) so to make the long story short, this is the convenient time for me to do my blog-niversary.


As I have checked back my blogs, I noticed that my blog title is kinda inappropriate with what I am writing. I am thinking of replacing it but I’m loss for words at the moment… I would gladly appreciate it if some of you could give me suggestions…


– 0 –


It’s been two weeks and I’m running out of patience for these people. Now, I totally despise these so-called Project Managers a.k.a. Inspectors and I’m beginning to be irritated (not yet hate but I’m getting there) with this Q.S.


He’s new and I’m a bit irritated because he’s always, always pestering me with questions that he should know but still he decides to ask me. I wanted to tell him, I’m the secretary and you’re the Q.S.!


Also, he wants me to give him a tutorial on how to use the Internet. Why me? He should go to some school. This was how our conversation went.


Him: Do you have a book about Internet?

Me: What? No?

Him: How did you know how to use it then?

Me: I’ve learned it from school

Him: Then maybe you have some books or notes maybe that I can borrow

Me: Yeah I have but it’s in the Philippines because I studied there

Him: Oh! Do you have any friend here who has a book?

Me: No but you can buy a book about it.

Him: Oh! Ok (walks away)


I don’t have the guts to tell him that the book I’m referring to is the book for dummies. Not to offend him but that will be the best book to help right? I didn’t want to tell him there’s a book because he might ask me to buy it for him, which I will not do, definitely!!!!!


– 0 –


Well, not all of them give me a hard time… There are two people who have not pestered me and that is the Resident Engineer (the one who has the full command for the project, we can call him the Little Project Manager) and the Electrical Engineer (he kinda looks like Christian Bautista, only older though he doesn’t have his built because this E.E. is short but a bit thin).


Whenever I see them, it’s either they smile at me or they commend my work with “Excellent!” “Good!” “I thought you’d never recognize my handwriting and to think I was expecting you to make a lot of errors!”


Hmmm… I might be speaking too soon… but I hope not


– 0 –


Since ‘tis the holiday season… I hope my Santa (which is Rob) will give me either three or four of these (hehe) things that I want to have badly but I lack resources…


1)       Never Been Kissed VCD/DVD – this is an all-time favorite movie. I love watching this over and over and I never get tired of Drew’s expressions (“What’s up girlfriends?”)


2)       City of Angels VCD/DVD – for so long, I wanted to watch this movie but then whenever it’s shown on TV or somewhere else, I’m somewhere else.


3)       Sex in the City DVD (All episodes) – I love Carrie and Mr. Big, Carrie and Aidan, and the way they casually talk about sex over breakfast, lunch and dinner.


4)       A complete line of body pampering products – just want to so I could sometimes pamper myself when I feel down or something like that.


5)       Mp3 player – there are a lot of cool players here like iRiver and a couple more


6)       Pretty Fit shoes – there is a store here that has cute and trendy shoes. Not that cheap but I guess it’s worth it.


7)       Maroon 5 album – need I say more?


8)       A new pair of jeans


9)       TV – might be getting one…


10)   A book (What could be a good read?)


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