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I miss my dad.


The other day while we were hearing mass (yes, we are also celebrating ‘simbang gabi’ here but then instead of it being at 4 am, we do it at 8:30 pm) and the priest asked us to give peace to everybody, I noticed one family who started kissing each other as a sign of peace.


It touched me.


Most especially when I saw the young girl kissed her dad on the cheek. It was, as they say, ‘A Kodak Moment.’


I remembered my dad.


When I was a little, people will always say that I’m a daddy’s girl. True enough, if someone was bullying me or starting a fight with me, I’d run to my daddy like he was some superhero who would save me from the villains.


Actually, no one messes with me because my dad is about 6 ft. 2 in. tall, wears glasses and has this look on his face that reads “don’t mess with my kids or else…”


Even when I’m all grown up, I still like to sleep beside my dad or sit on his lap (but with the operation he had four years ago, he finds it hard to carry me on his lap for a long time).


Sometimes when I don’t have work and he has to tag along with mom because of work, I go with them too… (my sister coined us ‘the oldies’) and while my mom works, my dad and I loiter around or we’d share an ice cream and talk about anything and everything.


When I was processing my papers so I could go to Dubai, it was my dad who went to some government agencies because I was not able to do so (my boss was a workaholic that time and I needed all the money for overtime to pay the processing fees).


However, when I came back for a quick vacation. He changed. He looked thin, dry and old. I cried when I saw him. I hugged him. He hugged me as tight as I was hugging him. I can’t help but cry for days.


I love my dad so much even my mom gets jealous from time to time. I remember one time; we were watching a movie (I think it was Armageddon) where the father was telling his daughter that it’s ok to let go of him now because he knew someone was going to take care of his little girl… I cried and my mom said, “ She’s always like that whenever she watches that type of films.”


I really miss my dad… I miss our food trips, our silly jokes while waiting for the traffic light to turn green… I just miss him. I hope he finds what he’s looking for and comes back to us…


Merry Xmas everybody…





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  1. ohh…. =( i’m sorry to hear that gurl. i do wish that you can be with your dad this season. anyway, i don’t kiss my dad, embrace him, make too much kwento, say i love you etc. funny because i’m so affectionate with other peepz but not with my parents. maybe because they don’t say i love you’s to me or maybe, because he grew up to be stiff when he was raised to an affluent family or maybe, everything did change when he entered the military service. i’m happy when i see him smile and that’s not often.

    on the lighter side, merry christmas to you gurl! =) i wish you well.

  2. ei.

    i forgot to greet you. merry christmas! =)

  3. Even though all things change, no one and nothing can take away your good childhood memories of your dad. Keep the good, let go of the bad. Happy New Year!

  4. You should let your dad read this.

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