Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

Since it’s a new year.. I (again) decided to change my template. As I browse on the available ones, I chose this. An irony of my blog title. The background pic looks serene and calm (so is my photo pic –hahaha)

For the new year, I also want to share a photo of me and Rob (finally). I decided since I sometimes pour my heart out over our nonsense fights and our sweet ek-ek. Might as well, have a vision of what we are like…

So, you judge if we do look good together and if we do make a comment or if we don’t send it too… I don’t mind.

I love him that’s all


Happy New Year and Happy Three Kings to you !!!


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  1. tumaba ka. mwhahaha. ;p

  2. anonymous said:

    You two look good. 🙂

    Are you wearing braces?

    –Papa Ces

  3. yes papa ces i am wearing braces.. mahirap i-maintain dito… but i guess that’s the sacrifice..

  4. woah! matapang ka na ha? hehehehe!

  5. anonymous said:

    hi rach! wow, you look good together. from your pic, i could see you’re happy there and rob looks like the kind of guy who’d really take care of you. hope you guys would have a happier and love-filled year. take care!

    jayme =D

  6. you look great together… happy indeed. =]

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