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 I should have posted a few days ago… but… for some reason… whenever I try typing out what I wanted to tell you guys — IM STUCK!

As promised (from previous blog), I was able to take some pictures…

This is the Jumeirah Open Beach.

A lot of people actually come here… the Brits to sunbathe, the Indians and Pakistanis to peek at the Brits body (because you see some of these girls go topless on the beach to even out their tans) and the Arabs to sometimes peek too but most of the time they come here to enjoy the water sport activities like parasailing, jet skiing, kite surfing and more.. Filipinos, on the other hand, have picnics on the beachside (where there are tables because I think like about 10-20 mtrs from the beach, you can’t bring food), sit on the benches provided to just breathe the fresh air and for some (like me and the rest of the gang) we go for a walk.

On the day I took a picture of the beach, it was calm… very inviting. Good thing I was in jeans or else, I might’ve jump in.

I took this picture while Rob and I were in a cab. I actually forgot what this building is… Sorry… I posted it because I like the shot. If you also noticed that even if we were already in the city, there are still some areas that look deserted (with lots and lots of sand )

 This is the ‘new’ Burjuman Centre

This is where Rob and I usually spend our Fridays… Its actually the new Burjuman because they’ve expanded and when I say expanded it’s really  e —–x—–p—–a—–n—–d—–e—–d. I can’t believe it that there are actually HUGE malls in this country… I mean they thought of having a dragon mall (it’s actually built now and according to Rob it sure looks like a dragon even the way it was constructed — like a dragon’s body!)

 This is Deira City Centre

This is where most of the people hang out… and these Indians in the picture were the highlight that Friday… they were playing their instruments to the tune of ‘Viva Forever’ of the Spice Girls . They were great!

More to write tomorrow because my service is here!!!


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  1. anonymous said:

    ganda, can’t see the photos. what happened?

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