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 Now before the title suggests anything to my fellow bloggers… it’s not me. Sure! I want to, I mean, who doesn’t want to get married? However, Rob and I are still taking our time though we are sort of ‘living together’ we need to be stable in all aspects and right now, we’re kinda working on the emotional and financial side.

However, this line has been the ‘talk’ in our household.

My cousin whom I spent my whole vacation with when I was in the Philippines, announced that she wants to get married — this year. The whole family, except me, was shocked! Like the 8.9 magnitude on the Ritcher Scale! Her mom immediately called my mom and asked "what’s this all about???" she was in rage!

My mom texted me about it. I called her up but didn’t tell her that I knew about it. Yes… I knew about it. While we were spending our vacation in the Philippines, my cousin and I were also discussing things.  I told her I want to get married but I don’t know how to break the news — especially with my mom (more background: though she is already used to the idea that I have a boyfriend and yes, she now knew that I just made up everything to be with him and live here, she is still not open to the fact that I’m dating a man a bit older than me)… my cousin told me one evening to just blurt it out… I thought why not? While I was still in my thoughts, my cousin said she wants to start her own family now.

Not a bad idea. We’re in our early twenties and I think at our age now, we can get married and have fun at the same time.

I discussed this with Rob and he wants to be married ASAP.  However, I think I am not that ready to be – not yet… It’s not because I might miss out something because I’m kinda used to what we have right now but then facing it head on is making me move a step backward.

I’m sooo weird. One day, I want to get married then next week, I don’t. I’m scared actually because what if we don’t work out?What if I can’t bear him a child? What if? What if?

The rage has subsided and right now, they have accepted the fact that she is going to get married and there is no stopping her. I kidded once while we were chatting "They must’ve thought we were still in 6th grade! Ha!"

On the other topic about marriage…. My brother and his girlfriend are also thinking of getting married (see! everybody wants to get married ) but the problem for them is my bro is still studying and they are not stable financially…

I’m tired about the marriage issue….  Maybe I’ll let it rest for sometime… Maybe next week??  


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