Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

My Head Is Spinning….

 I hate to admit this but I might… I might wear glasses…

Actually should have been wearing one for months now…mmm… aha! four months…

But I don’t like how I look… I’m already a disillusioned girl who (sometimes) doesn’t know fashion (except for jeans and a t-shirt) like girls her age.

Well for Rob’s sake, I wore it but my sort-of lil bro (my flatmate’s son) laughed out loud and said, "Ate mukha kang teacher" (Sis, you look like a teacher). I smiled. Went back to the room and hid those glasses…

Now… I need them.. I’ve been having these headaches because from 8-5 I’m in front of the computer… geez! (I definitely need to blame it on playing MSN games and reading your blogs!  ) 

mmm.. Maybe I’ll post my pic with my glasses on and you (meaning my most beloved blog people) can say if I do look awful or not okie?

Try to take one during the weekend..  


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