Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!


 Our project is about to be finished.

A three-month stint that might extend until April and after that, goodbye inspectors (really hate him) and the ‘other one’ too (really irritating) but I will definitely miss the boss ( he is nice though we didn’t get the chance to talk more unlike my previous boss).

There are a lot of possible places for me to be transferred but nothing certain at the moment. I’m glad because this place is far — as in FAR! It’s like a trip from Manila to Laguna (that far!)  Imagine, I have to wake up at around 6am and prepare and they’d pick me up around 6:40 then off we go to our office here (time check: 7:30). What I’m not glad about is how I’d miss my office. I have room in this office (one of the perks because before we were right at the door)… I’m enjoying the space thank you very much!  

Surely, when I get transferred.. for one, I might share a space with someone and second, I might lose my privilege of surfing all DAY long. Yup! I’m the MASTER! I just surf all day then my boss will stop by maybe once a day when he needs something to be typed or if he’s looking for some files and if it’s really rushed or something 3x a day  or make it 4x a day.

To Wear not To Wear ….

Still not wearing glasses … … I tried… once.. and this ‘other’ person (our quantity surveyor) said "You look so serious with specs."Maybe he didn’t notice that if it’s them I’m dealing with, I don’t want to smile or something because I am really pissed at them… They belittle my abilities… as if!


It was my bro’s birthday yesterday… I plan not to call him (really! — cross my heart!) the why part is kinda silly but I’d tell – I MISS HIM and of course the rest of the family.

Until now, I can’t forget that very day — our ‘near death experience’ –

I just started my driving lessons then (I think it was my first day). My bro asked me if I could already drive. I bragged, of course! So, he asked me to drive our Toyota Revo along Rockwell (we decided to test my driving skills there because we just dropped his girlfriend home). At first, it was a breeze… A couple of times, my engine died but it was not big deal because I’m still a beginner. My bro was impressed. He told me, how bout trying at that roundabout? (There’s this semi-roundabout at Rockwell, can’t remember where exactly but during that time, there was something being constructed beside that semi-roundabout) Of course, my confidence level was a-ok so I told him, sure.

At the first try, the engine died already… premonition? nah! continued to drive. again. again. My bro was trying hard not to laugh (oh! I forgot, I was also with my dad and younger sister — they tagged along just to see me drive) … "Achie (meaning elder sis in Chinese) this will be the last time… Just turn this and that.. blah!blah."I did… the thing is I didn’t let go of the wheel… We were up on the pedestrian lane… I panicked. My brother asked me to turn the wheel and step on the brakes but what I had stepped on was the gas pedal which made us go fast — we ran over a tree (good thing it was small) and skidded… My bro shouted at me "Achie!!!! Step on the BRAKE!!!!!!"I did. Just in time… We were about seven steps before reaching a very,very deep area (it was the one being constructed that time).

Everybody was looking…

I was sooo scared. My dad didn’t want me to go down the car so he took care of everything. To make the story short, we got out of the mess, drove home with a bumpy Revo and with me so messed up.

My mom was totally clueless about it not until she saw me cry. Why would I not cry? I almost killed the whole family. My bro — he hugged me and told me it’s okay. No need for me to cry because everybody’s safe. I cried like a baby in his arms and told him we could’ve all died.

He held me tight and said "Why don’t we pray?"I nodded. He led the prayer and after that held me tight again. He stayed until I told him, I’m okay.

Happy Birthday don!!!

Promised Pictures

I still don’t have time to take a pic of me with glasses.. but I will try to do so… also, once we move in to our new flat, I’ll take pics of that too

Ok… I’ll stop now… suddenly, I’ve got work to do.


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