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Blogging – Now Limited?

 Sadly, blogging is about to reach its limits.

Since I have the liberty to surf and read more blogs than I use to (note: an average of 5-10 blogs per day!), I noticed that some of those blogs are announcing that they will be screening their blog from now on. Meaning, they will screen their thoughts especially if it is work-related or people/situation -related.

Recently (I think) there are some news that one stewardess got fired from her job because she posted a pic wherein she was wearing the airlines’ uniform on her blog (Was able to check her blog but the blogtitle and also her site escapes my memory at the moment). She sued them and as far as I can remember, she won.

Now, I think companies in the US are trying to come up with a bill/proposal or something related to that about blogging.

This is sick.

I, for one, did not think I would be blogging for like a year and still looking foward to it. Blogging helps me — alot. Aside from the fact that I have blog friends who gave me great suggestions with some  situations (remember: "come-up with things to do" blog), this is a place for me to vent or rant about people… related to work, relationships or whatever, it helps me overcome my ‘homesickness’ for some friends that I usually rant to.

I feel this is a great avenue for me to be — ME.

I’m not THE girlfriend of Rob or THE secretary at a construction firm or THE always giggling housemate or THE goody-goody sister/daughter/cousin but just me.

and I feel comfortable.


Mo’time — almost gone….

I have religiuosly been checking on people’s blogs and I think they’ve lessen their posts too. The ‘regulars’ now post only once a month. I don’t know if the reason why I notice it is because I’m not too busy anymore or people are really not blogging.

I miss reading those blogs… I miss…

* Techie’s blogs about her wonderful coverages and her obsession for buying shoes, bags, etc and N.

* Flyingschoolgal’s blog about almost everything and anything about the call center she’s in.

* Vanessa’s stories about urban legends sorry not reading that ever but her posts about her work, life with her siblings and… lovelife?

* Newsiecat’s almost everyday blog with matching pics pa huh!

Ayun lng… sana post kayo ulit…


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