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I Am Now Officially Fat

Yes! Everybody… I am now part of the Voluptous Circle (If there is one). I had this realization just yesterday when I was going over my ‘usual wardrobe’ aka ‘sort of office attire.’

I was quietly looking through my things yet Rob, as usual, opened an eye to check if I’m dressed to go and like routine, he checked the watch and told me ,"Babe, your service is coming. You better move!" After that, he covered himself up with the sheets, rolled over and slept like a baby.

I didn’t want to be in a hurry because I think I’m going to have a ‘bitch fit’ (phrase courtesy of the movie White Chicks) if I reach the office on a totally unfashionable state (though really, nobody notices what I wear like if they match or not but i decided to practice glamour and style) and because I was in my ‘irritating self’ because I knew my period was coming.

I took one blouse over the other, still undecided… Then I found my white blouse with green floral prints all over. Now’s the time to wear this, I told myself. I immediately got dressed but when I was about to button the blouse…. I can’t. I tried for I think 4 times before I’ve finally given up. How could that be? It was just six months ago when I bought that back home?


I need to get dressed. I yanked my white shirt and black tank top. I was still wondering how in the world can it not fit me? From the time I came here, people would tell me I look thin that I need to gain some weight because my cheeks looked like I was sucking them to look thin.

I took their advice and now, I’m fat.

Rob said that I’m not fat, I’m healthy though he said if I plan to take ‘one of those’ diets I do, I should couple it with exercise.

That’s a problem. I’m not an exercise type of person. Aaaarrrgghh.

Still bothered, when I arrived in the office, I took a picture of myself. I am fat. My cheeks are like those small Chinese buns you see at Binondo.

I’m depressed.


Conversations with my fave cousin

Cuz: Hey! how are you?

Me: Ok. Hey, can I send you my pics and can you tell me if I look fat.

Cuz: Ok

(Me, sorting out my photos and sending her the latest photo I personally took)

Me: Ok. It’s sent.

Cuz: Got it. Wait.

Me: Ok (background: she tells me honestly if I look good or not)

Cuz: In fairness, you look cute in these photos (smile)

Me: Really? Do I look fat?

Cuz: A bit.

Me: Is it obese fat or healthy fat?

Cuz: Healthy.

Me: Really? With a little style?

Cuz: Yup! Finally (I can imagine she was rolling her eyes and saying ‘Halleluiah"). And Rob looks good!

Me: Really? (my heart was doing flipflops when she said that)


Ok. So maybe I am fat but it’s ‘healthy fat’ and seriously, I might consider giving exercise a try. Rob says he feels great after a gym workout. Might do the works for me and maybe erase depression in my vocabulary.

(This was taken when we were at the Global Village. We’re in the Africa Kenya booth looking at some of their figurines. We bought two actually.)

See I’m not depressed anymore!!!


Comments on: "I Am Now Officially Fat" (7)

  1. Judging from what I see in this picture, you are not, in any way fat! If someone says you are fat, that person means that you look less slim than before even though you are still slim.

  2. thanks df! *hugs*

    Though I still think I need to do the exercise just for me to stay healthy and active.

    My metabolism slowed down since my butt is the only one having the exercise. hihihi.. =)

  3. Bitch fit. : ) I love that movie.

    And btw, you’re not fat.

  4. Not fat. And you’re right about exercise…really chases away the blues and makes you feel better about yourself. I prefer walking outdoors to the gym (check my photos) but anyway you look at it, exercise is great!

  5. anonymous said:

    you look rosy healthy, and i think that’s great. still it would do you good to exercise too.

    tried the gym but just can’t fit it in my busy schedule, tried the home exercise videos and recently pilates. and it worked for me. masarap siya kasi narerelax ka na, pumapayat ka pa, hindi ka pa mapapagod di tulad sa gym. try mo rin power yoga.

    pero wag ka naman magpapayat masyado, okay din yung may konting laman para huggable.


    : )


  6. ur not fat, ur beautiful. attitude, sister, attitude.

  7. thanks you guys… hehehe.. ngyn na im trying to work out. Si rob naman is making me eat and eat… haha!!!

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