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A Whiner?

I’m a certified whiner these days.   


I can’t help it.   My day would start ok. Me whistling while I type letters or incoming correspondences and in the middle of my whistling, somebody will call and tell me something that will irritate me the whole day.


Is there something wrong with me? I don’t like whining because I don’t tolerate whiners too yet here I am – becoming one of them.

I am really, really trying to appreciate everything around me… yet, somebody or something will really pissed me and you cannot un-piss me (if there is such a word) even Rob… Arrgghhh! I hate it! 

Now, I’m shutting myself from calling my friends and also emailing some of them who is used to seeing / reading me as a cheerful person because I might infect them with this "viral disease". I feel like all my cheerfulness were sucked out of my system and replaced with ‘bitchy and bratty’ –ness.


Well, last week, I’ve tried not to be affected by it… And as a reward to myself, I swam at our building’s swimming pool even if I was in shorts and sando (nope! No time to buy that perfect bathing suit and of course, I ran out of money to do so).

After, Rob and I went to the mall. I had reserved two Sophie Kinsella books to officially end the series only to find out that there are more to come (at least this is cheaper compared to collecting harry potter — saves space too). Not satisfied with my reward since I don’t have it at hand. I bought two new blouses (hey this is official! This is for work!) and a pair of camouflaged type  Skechers.

Got exhausted so we decided to have a cup of cappuccino for him and a glass of Moccalatte for me. It was a treat from his friend becausewe saw him loitering around the stalls of Burjuman.




After that shopping spree with Rob not buying anything, I felt guilty.  Though I do have something planned because our anniversary is fast approaching… so I decided to give him a little something… surprise! surprise!

I hope he likes it. Will post the photo pics of our anniversary next time (Will really try)… Five years (and more years    to come)… wow! Never thought I’d make it that long with the same man… wow!


Comments on: "A Whiner?" (8)

  1. Sounds like you’re getting past the whining stage. Happy anniversary!

  2. I think so too… just give me more time and maybe i’ll get use to this people… or we could comprise… =) thanks IML

  3. Whining is ok when it hits as long as you recognize it and fight against it… which it sounds like you’re doing! Good luck with it. Like you, I really really hate that from people and hate it even worse from myself. (I seem to be doing it more these days, too.) Maybe we’ll both come out of it soon.:)

  4. I am a certified whiner. But I didn’t know that shopping can pacify a whiner. Stupid me. 😀

    I am going to try that next time. Just so to stop whining. 🙂

  5. well… not all the time milktea. I just rewarded myself for not whining — for about 2 days!! hahaha

    ladyinthemoon:: i hope so too… as they say, patience is a virtue.

  6. anonymous said:

    okay lang to be a brat once in awhile. we’re entitled to our mood swings. and yes, shopping does us good. chocolates too.

    grabe five years na kayo. bilib ako sa katatagan niyo. here’s to more years of endless happiness and passionate love.

    happy anniversary!


  7. happy anniv!! (belated) =) now it’s my turn naman to greet you.

    anyway, ang galeng niyong 2. lupet. 5 yrs? my gahd. miracle na iyon di ba?

  8. oo! isa na itong milagro! hahaha… saya!saya!

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