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I need to get back right on track.

In a few months, I will mark my second year here in Dubai. As I assess my stay here, I noticed that I have been a bit lenient with myself and not totally concentrating on what my goal is.

The goal:              SAVE MONEY AND COME HOME

That was the plan and I did not follow it. Well, I sort of and then when I saw a very beautiful blouse at Mango, I snatched it and immediately headed to the counter… though on the way there, I saw a beautiful skirt (which I only wore once from the time I bought it) and snatched it too.

Now, I’ve snatched two pairs of shoes, a couple of books from Magrudy’s and secondhand bookshops, a couple of blouses and a lot, i repeat, A LOT of dvds…

As we check on our ‘poor savings’, Rob got frantic and suggest we stop buying. I gave him a sort of ‘boohoo’ look   and he rephrased himself and suggest we lessen our shopping spree.

I did feel bad because it’s our money and we should enjoy it but rob said that we need to look further – the future. We should invest so that if in case we get tired of working here, we have a fall back. Good idea.

Our dilemma now is what kind of business sells these days? Should we risk on ‘what’s hot’ now? or should it be more on the stable side? Currently, I am searching for business tips, all the how-tos and you shoulds… I just hope that we can invest our hard earned money well.

So… the reason for this post is … (drum roll please) *ahem* *ahem* GUYS! can you help or maybe suggest what we can do or invest on? Some friends said, franchising is good because you need not go through the hassle of acquiring a license, this and that because everything will be provided by the supplier. On your part, you only need to provide manpower so they can train them and be of service for the upcoming business. However, on the other hand, it’s also okay to be able to brainstorm and ‘be original’. Though in franchising, you will not have net losses because they study the location, people, etc strategically.

So guys? what do you think?

P.S. About the anniversary happening, will post – one picture next time(I can’t remember if there was a pic taken because our camera betrayed us when I was suppose to take our pic, it ran out of battery so what I will do is I will just post pics from my birthday lunch weeeheee..). By the way,  Rob liked the gift and was so surprised! As for moi gift, he gave me FLOWERS!!! Sweet! Love him!


Comments on: "FOCUS!!!!" (11)

  1. I love reading your posts about starting out together, your trials and joys. Last night, when my husband and I walked in the park, it was full of youth and springtime: guys playing basketball, couples in cars doing what couples do in cars. Life bursting at the seams.

    It doesn’t matter how you invest your money. If it works out well, you will be happy. If not, you will learn something and start over. You’re young. Enjoy it.

  2. franchising is a good idea. pwede ring magpa-rent kayo ng apartments sa mga area na malapit sa universities.

  3. patok pa rin ang food business na malapit sa mga schools, office etc.

  4. IML: we have the same appreciation when it comes to our blogs because I do enjoy reading yours.. thanks for the advice… will keep that in mind.

    katzee: mejo mabigat ang paupa.. mahirap din kasing mag maintain ng bahay mas lalo na kung nakatapat ka ng irresponsible na mga tenants

    geng: actually, isa sa mga kinokonsider yan.. kaya lng, sa pagkain anu ang patok?

  5. hi rach!

    food is always a good business because it never goes out of season. kung gusto mo less hassle, franchising ka. pero kung gusto mo talaga simulan on your own, okay din although riskier than franchising.

    whatever you choose, tiyagaan lang talaga. most of the successful business people i had interviewed started with their own ideas and slowly worked their way up. meron ngang yumaman dahil sa fish balls lang.

    here’s to the good life. goodluck!


  6. anonymous said:

    hi rachiel. aba tignan ko nga kung makapagcomment ako… malabo yung pics… pag-uwi mo dito, pengeng chocolate ha! hihihi. miss you na dear. =) — janice

  7. just reminds me of the book rich dad poor dad.. you might want to read it. 🙂

  8. anonymous said:

    oist! belated happy birthday!!!! aries ka rin pala ha? =)

    re your dilemna. i guess food pa rin yung panalo gurl. no idea nga lang. good luck!

  9. anonymous said:

    wala man lang update? -janich

  10. anonymous said:

    Haha shopping is the only thing I know by heart. We are having the same problems, mine is even worse.. I think. I always tell myself that a girl can never have enough clothes, shoes, and bags. Hehe. Ang hirap talaga pigilin ng gastos.

    But I think I’m gonna have to re-evaluate the way I’m spending money these days. Malapit na rin kasi akong mag-resign. Mamumulubi nako sa susunod kong trabaho.

    Goodluck on the business venture! (I wish I could give you a sensible advice on what to invest your money on, but I have zero economics/business sense. Hehe.)


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