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I hate it.

Just today, the guy whom I hate so much from work came over to our office and asked me our phone numbers and internet usernames (duh! Why does he have to ask our number when he’s been calling and calling).

He also brought with him the telephone and internet receipts. I peeked at it and saw that the internet charges were about 600 dirhams and the phone charges are about 1,000 dirhams for two months.


I sort of panicked because I was calling Rob almost everyday so more or less his number would definitely reflect on the list. I didn’t show him that I’m panicking but I can feel he was.

His bill was for 2,000 dirhams.

A few minutes back, he called me back and asked me to inform our staff not to have the internet logged in the whole day.


I told it to the boss and (oh my gawd!) he was fine with it. Relayed the instruction to other personnel and they told the same thing, they are not online all day. I don’t know if they’re just lying or I really use the internet too much.

This is the first time, I have encountered such dilemma. Before, my managers were not bothered with internet usage, they concentrated more on phone calls especially international ones.

Honestly, if I was doing a lot of things in this site, I would be okay with it but no, I’m not doing anything at all (as of the moment).


I mean, I actually did an assessment of what else needs to be done in this site and I’ve got nothing. I’ve already labeled them all. Arranged all the files, according to date and companies.


It pisses me off. Really. But as what Jolly J said, it’s better that way than you being asked to pay the bill.


At first, it was our transportation service. A lil background before the site agent came here, we have two pick-ups that was one of the reason why I was going home early then but now, the site agent decided we need not have to vehicles because this is a small project.

Now, from 5:00 pm, I leave the office at 5:45 or at times, 6 pm.


Maybe, this policy might do good on me so I could concentrate on how to improve my writing skills rather than surfing and surfing… but for now, I am totally pissed.



Comments on: "Pissed – Frustrated" (4)

  1. Tough to work in an atmosphere where they count the money like that. Lots of stress. It sounds like your solution to improve your writing skills is a good one, making the best of a bad situation.

    Good luck!

  2. i don’t get it. the company you work for charges you for internet usage? isn’t that suppose to be free?

  3. IML: yeah, that’s the best thing I can think of…and it’s really stressful. I hope my plan works.

    Milktea: Nah. not directly per individual. it’s like this, from the start of the project, the Client make an advance payment for all the supplies needed by the Consultant as well as the Contractor for site progress. So one of them is internet usage. It still is free only now, it’s limited. well… =(

  4. anonymous said:

    that’s a real bummer. is that why you haven’t been posting for quite awhile?
    hirap talaga if you’re working with people you ‘hate,’ going to the office seems like a real chore. hope everything eases up soon.


    jayme 🙂

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