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Well, I wasn’t that pissed like I thought I would be (it’s only a couple of days… maybe I can survive this!) though I did tell everybody I often chat with that my internet hours are now limited.

And so far let me list down what I have achieved not browsing and surfing:-

1) I was able to read a couple of magazines. History – my officemate here brings magazines for me from their home. You see he’s living with his girlfriend and his girlfriend is a househelp for one British family. So after reading the magazines, they give it to her and he brings them to me (I return them after reading).

2) I was able to explore my creativity thanks to Microsoft Photo Editor and Paint. I was able to create some cute pics of us and some for Rob’s group — THE DUBIKERS—.

(This is a sample of what I have done… make a comment ok?)

3) I got the chance to write an excerpt for my short story. I just joined Critique Circle, a group of people who submits their short stories and other members of the group will critique them. I actually passed it minutes before writing this post.

4) I was able to set my focus on our ‘upcoming business’.  I am still searching for great ideas and also working out our finances (which means paying off our credit card… good thing we only have one!) so we can go ahead and be adventurous with our business venture.

What I miss about surfing and chatting?

* reading all your blogs on the SAME DAY!


Comments on: "maybe I am NOT that pissed…" (10)

  1. Wow! You are a busy lady! Maybe the downtime is a good thing?

    Good luck with the writing circle. I’m doing a small circle this summer with three other women who are also writing novels. What fun!

  2. anonymous said:

    hi rach! kakainis naman pala kasi di mo makita pic ko. sayang. yun ang bago kong hairstyle eh. nagprebond ako!

    oh wag ka na mainis, prolific ka pa rin naman pala. carpe diem!


  3. cute pictures!

  4. IML:: well… it has its pros & cons… but overall, I guess it gave me focus… yup! my work will be critiqued this coming 25th of May to 01st June… so let’s see.. good luck to us both! πŸ™‚

    DF: thanks… I am hoping to do more of this digital art and a bit of sketching….

  5. Naging productive ka. πŸ™‚ Good luck sa business at sa critique circle.–kat

  6. you should post your links to your short stories too.

    I bet your pic is your current wallpaper now.

  7. pano yan ginawa?

  8. anonymous said:

    cute pics.

    i guess that’s what a little time out from the computer does. you can channel your energies to other things and explore new talents.

    goodluck with the new business venture.

    take care girl.

    jayme πŸ™‚

  9. andrea:: ginawa ko to sa microsoft photo edito chaka sa paint… cool nga eh! wala lng… naenganyo pa tuloy akong gumawa ng iba… hindi nga lng magandang-maganda… carry lng..

    jayme::yeah,maybe… thanks for the compliment and wish ko lng na makahanap kami ng appropriate business for us… tc rin

  10. hi there! =)

    cute pic. galeng mo naman. post your stories here.

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