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Hi guys!!!

It’s official! I am now moving

Yep! New site… new people except for one because the engineer who I worked with will be there too…

Kinda long story will give you details about it when I am settled (and let’s hope I have internet there )… I’m excited and yet scared… The project manager who is handling the project warned me that one of his hobbies is shouting… I hope I won’t that much

Sorry cannot elaborate at the moment because my replacement might come in any time now… Promise! With or without internet, I will let you all know…


Can you all pray for me and hope that this site will be a-ok? Thanks…


Comments on: "Moving…" (6)

  1. Growth, movement, change…all positives! You will be great. We wait for updates.

  2. good luck. 🙂

  3. ditto. goodluck! =)

  4. anonymous said:

    akala ko naman kung san ka na lilipat. hehehehe. ano address mo? — ate janich

  5. hey! =) i’m hoping here that your dept. has internet access. post na dali!!!! =)

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