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I was wrong!!!!

Hi people… My apologies if it took me some time…

I had some mixed emotions… going back to my last entry, I told you I was leaving… hell yeah! I was leaving my ‘other’ office to be transferred to the office beside it!

Yes, I am still here… not their fault actually but because I was informed that the site office’s not yet ready. I had to wait and wait… so the anticipation and excitement waned.

I didn’t have the heart to write about it because it would add up to my frustration-list which I try to lessen.


Comments on: "I was wrong!!!!" (3)

  1. Yeah, we’re living at rumor control lately. One week they’re probably going to close my husband’s center at the end of the year, the next they say it will be another year and a half, and they might not close it at all.

    At least you have a definite plan, even if it’s on hold!

  2. anonymous said:

    mader rachiel, tampo ako bat para ala ata ako sa listahan ng mga links mo? anyway, im just browsing stuff baka di ko lang napansin..:)

  3. anonymous said:

    paulie above

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