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I know that I always complain about not getting a writing job. Whining that my precious talents are beginning to be a waste since I am only writing correspondences that already have a format, you just have to click ‘print’ and it’s good to go.

Well, I found three a few weeks back.

Two for a magazine and one for a newspaper.

I emailed my CV on two of those and left out the one for the paper. You see, I saw the ad right after reading the crits the people gave me for my story. I got depressed with the comments though I was expecting it already. I have a problem BIG problem with regards to my tenses (i know that).

The newspaper was looking for a features writer and I wanted that position. However, I knew it would never happen mainly because I’m tied with the company… meaning I need to devote my time 24/7 to them or else they would deport me.

Today is the last day of submission and I don’t have the enthusiasm to write and tell them how interested I am. If I were in the Philippines, I’d immediately jump on that opportunity.

Now, I feel I am not ready for that position not unless I practice and practice (my writing)… It’s so frustrating… I’m frustrated…

Well, not that much… I am still looking forward on something… I asked a friend to hook me up for any writing stint even if they won’t pay me as long as I can practice and if the time comes I feel confident about my work then maybe, I can charge don’t you think so?

I guess people from the real world are right: YOU CAN’T HAVE THEM ALL.  

Until now, I haven’t got any word for the two slots I’ve applied for… I guess they don’t find me suitable.. sheesh


Comments on: "CHICKEN!" (11)

  1. ang hirap naman ng may ganung limitation, di ka puwedeng rumaket. kailan ka puwede lumipat?

    i think ganun talaga pag di mo feel ang trabaho mo, mararamdaman mo talaga na napapagod ka.

    just continue practicing, para pag puwede ka na lumipat, kahit anong kumpanya, puwede nang tumanggap sayo. at least nandiyan ka na diba?

    ingat lagi.

    jayme šŸ™‚

  2. Unfortunately, they probably won’t take you seriously until you clear up the grammar problems, even though you are a good writer. And grammar problems are like math problems; you just have to do the drill, and there are no shortcuts.

    So keep on working! You may not be ready now, but you will be eventually.

  3. I guess people from the real world are right: YOU CAN’T HAVE THEM ALL.

    –>yeah, maybe you can’t have them all. at least for now! in time you will…

  4. thanks guys for the encouraging words..

    IML: I already overcome it before but i guess you’re right since I am not doing any drills or should i say not practicing (except reading)… might as well look for like a handbook to start over… it’s not bad isn’t it?

    jayme:: yes, mahirap tlga… sana makakuha pa din…

    jeko:: thanks super…

  5. Good luck. I’m also in the same dilemma, and I’m getting a little fed up.

  6. anonymous said:

    I know exactly how you feel. But as long as you (we) never give up on writing and practicing, I know one day you’ll (we’ll) finally be able to say “I have mastered the craft”. Hehe. So just keep on writing, no one’s gonna be able to tell you otherwise. =)


  7. don’t give up… and good luck dearie. šŸ™‚

  8. hello.. how are you dear?

  9. yup. how are you? =)

  10. I just wanna say…

    “Where have you been and I really miss talking to you.”

    : )

  11. anonymous said:

    rache! asan ka na?! miss you na! =) – ate janich

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