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Hey guys!!! i know it’s been a long time since my last post… I was busy with work. Yes! I have tons of work… I am happy about it though the not so good thing about the ‘new’ work is I don’t get internet as much as I want to. Yes, my boss was kind enough to let me go through the internet using his pc which is not really that of a hassle.

So there, I think I have been in this project for about 4 months already and I have to admit I like the work… Actually, I’m embracing it.

Another good thing was that my boss knew I am a Journalism graduate so he is giving me his consent to actually find some freelance thing to practice my writing (now, now, who would not love that kinda guy?!). So I am currently looking for grammar books (my!my! they are very expensive, suddenly, these authors and publishers realize a lot of people are having a hard time to master the language – Brit or American).

Due to this encouragement, my creative juices are slowly coming out. So, wish me luck ok???

Love you all!! And super thanks for the sweet messages


Comments on: "Wow!! That was a loooonnnggggg time" (7)

  1. oist!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

    how are you? we miss you gurl!

  2. She’s right. How’s you? : )

  3. anonymous said:

    rache! wow may new job ka na pala. good for you. keep in touch. -ate janich

  4. I’m doing great guys! thanks… ok naman… so far so good… mejo toxic pero carry na yu kesa sa wala diba?

    Ate janice: hindi po ito bagong trabaho… bagong site lng po.

  5. ah ganun ba? hihihi sorry… hehe. i hope enjoy ka dyan! hehe. miss yah. btw, new blogsite ko: sublimeako.same blogsite.;) -ate janich

  6. rach! i have a new blog… wala lang. –wackow

  7. wackow!!! anung blog addy mo???

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