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Whew! Today was the day.

I stayed late today. I wanted to get the message across and I did. For a month now, I have been contemplating whether to ask for a raise or not. I have been in this company for 2 years. Sure, we get a yearly increase but you know you gets satisfied with a 100 and what can a 100 do?

I decided to ask for it.

The boss said. I am one of the people he’d recommend to get an increase though no promises guaranteed. I hope it would be more than a hundred. 500 will be good! A 1000 is better.

Stop it1 I just wish that I’d get what I deserve and I am seriously praying that it’s a thousand


Comments on: "Increase?" (4)

  1. Well, a two-month blog absence is better than a three-month one. We miss you! Hope you get the thousand.

  2. thanks imf. I hope so too… though I am not ‘hoping’ that much because maybe I’d be disappointed.

    Hey, how are you ?

  3. Buti bumalik ka.

  4. ang hirap ng walang internet haze… pambihira… wish ko magkaroon na kami sa bahay para mas masaya

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