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My Rants / Raves

Today is a holiday here – Al Isra and Wal Mairaj (Nocturnal Ascension of the Prophet – Peace Be Upon Him)

Because of that, I got the chance to sleep almost half a day?! (cannot believe myself too ** scratching my head**)… dance to some of my favorite tunes (yeah, Rob was not around to see that?! )… and now i;m posting this…

As i was browsing pictures @ Friendster. I can’t help but notice how happy and carefree my friends are. Not a care in the world… and here i am always feeling burnout (everyday yan ah, after work?!)

Seeing them makes me feel… i might me missing something? I always have this ‘what ifs’ in my head like what if we never left the Philippines, could we (meaning Rob and me) bond as how we bond now? What could our life be if we were back home?

Now, people reading my blog what is this miserable girl doing in that country with problems about her writing… her family … job and now missing home… you might think I’m crazy or overly depressed but I’m not really..

maybe this is what doctor’s or psychologist coined as ‘homesickness’   

Now, let’s get romantic…

As exgroupie-now-turned-cheshire cat is professing her ‘i’m sorry’ to L… I will profess my love with Rob.

Have i told you all how much I LOVE this guy?

He makes want to be better… always pushing me to reach for my dreams… always there to be my rock when i feel i’m about to fall… he’s the BEST?!

So, let me just tell you all that i’m inviting (all of) you to my wedding… when?? i have to check but he did propose… so… i said YES of course!



Comments on: "My Rants / Raves" (2)

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy for you both. Glad to see you back.

    (and I didn’t lose my laptop…that was part of the dream…hehe)

  2. congratulations girl! ang saya say. =D dapat dito wedding ha? hehe.

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