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I don’t know where to start.

Just when I am about to cope with things not going ‘my’ way… this happens.


I am again pestered. Why do you think whenever something goes wrong, we can never, ever remember what good deeds this person did for you instead we dwell on what they have done, what you need from them… why?


I hate this ‘low’ feeling that I have. I’m not this kind of person. People who I’ve been with see me as ‘sunshine’, always ready to give a smile even with so much pressure going on. Ready to crack a  joke when there’s some friction… always giggling even without reason.

Now, I feel my smiles are fake. My happy moments are so limited. I AM NOT THIS PERSON!!!



Work has been a lot of pressure lately because of Ramadan. We only have about 8 hours of work and the Muslims only 6 hours. I have been staying in the office till about 5:30 pm to catch up with work so that I don’t need to lose my head early in the morning.


Just when I thought this whole month is all about depression and not being able to speak up…. I GOT MYSELF AN AWARD!!!!

A colleague of mine nominated me and I was acknowledged by the company with my ‘can-do’ attitude. I was over the moon… because the General Manager from UK will be personally handing me my certificate!!!! SOO HAPPY!!!!

My boss called up our Managing Director and my boss said that the Managing Director recalls that I got awarded!!!! ‘ You have made your mark on our book,’ my boss says.

Gosh! If my week started with it being one of my lowest, today is one of the highest points in my life!!!! A JOB WELL DONE they say!!!!


God is good.  ** THANK YOU **


Comments on: "HATE…Awards?" (3)

  1. Congratulations on your award.

  2. Wow! Congrats for the award! O diba, kahit na minsan nakakapagod, life does have its own rewards. Sometimes though they don’t come in the form of medals or certificates, but in those priceless moments when you find true love and happiness. Take care girl and keep smiling!


  3. yup. congrats gurl! =) btw, manager na si coach ariel. and siyempre, si ben and kristel pa rin.

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